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Definitely don't's easier to be misrepresented in the editing process when you ramble!

Edit: Oh, and be sure to point out that non-refundable deposits are standard in the wedding cake business.
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Wow, must be a really slow news day... and the station must not mind looking stupid. Hmmmm.
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Originally Posted by WykdGud

Wow, must be a really slow news day... and the station must not mind looking stupid. Hmmmm.

The station has final control over the editing, so the one thing you can be sure of is that either OP or the customer will end up looking stupid, not the station. Who will end up looking stupid depends largely on how important the customer's friends are at the station, but it would need to be someone high up to introduce enough bias to spin the story that far away from the facts.
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Yup, keep it terse, polite and factual. Although the station can edit, they can't twist the facts to make either side look bad on purpose, or they could be held liabel and forced to air a retraction. I'd want to know if this was a news crew for a news program that was asking, or just a talk/morning show type thing (news stations do both). There is a difference.

ORIGINAL creator of Gelatin Bubbles

ORIGINAL creator of Gelatin Bubbles

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oh. my. goodness. That is nuts. big cake hugs going your way, and I don't know what else to say.....
life is short, get a cakesafe.
life is short, get a cakesafe.
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Well THAT was fun! (NOT!!!) The thing about this particular news station is that they don't do investigative reporting; they do one sided "already formed an opinion" reporting. They weren't interesting in non-refundable deposits, contracts, or previous work. They just wanted to know why I don't give out refunds, if I think this is acceptable business practices, if I think it's right to have my clients meet with me in my home office for their consults, if I think it's right that I have my clients contact me through email/online appointment booking, what am I going to tell other clients who want refunds after they see this airing, etc etc....So, whatever damage that's going to be done is done. I stuck to the facts, recorded the interview with my digital recorder, and now we'll see how they edit it tonight.
But to try and look at the bright side, the majority audience for this news station are usually the Jerry Springer clients I don't want.
*sigh* And this city wonders why there are very few high end vendors, and not just for cakes, for EVERYTHING: floral, venues, restaurants, shopping, etc.

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

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Oh no!! I am so sorry about this!!
Please tell me you have an attorney. If not, it might be time to consider getting one. Just in case.
Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
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I agree about getting an attorney. I have found that a lovely letter from an attorney will cause people to change their behavior 100%. People don't like the idea of getting sued. And if the news station misrepresents the facts they can certainly be sued for slander.
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I can't believe you actually were interviewed by a "news" station! My jaw has literally dropped over this.
I've got a cake crush
I've got a cake crush
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Not sure how much help an attorney would be here, it's doubtful the station would cross the slander line -- they have attorneys too. Seems like an unnecessary expense to me.
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Actually, my best friend is a civil attorney, and my uncle is a lawyer in corporate law icon_smile.gif The 6 o'clock news didn't air anything, so we'll see what happens at 9 (have an hour and a half to go, my time). I did have the reporter read the contract, and have added the contract to my website under the new "Our Policies" link. I also just made a twitter account, and am about to subscribe to this reporter's tweets.... She posts all her stories that are about to air, and so far no tweet about this "story". And, in the event it is aired at 9, there's an arsenal of my clients who are ready to post their experiences as well.

Haha, this news reporter said she tried calling me a month ago, but that I didn't answer.... ummm.... this wasn't a situation a month ago. She also said she had already looked at my website and facebook, to which I restrained myself from asking, "Well, then, why didn't you schedule an appointment online or send me an email like both my website AND Facebook say to do?"

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

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Well, I watched the story, and while it's obviously not a positive one, I think it could have been a lot worse. here's the link:

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

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I'm so sorry. That is one of the most ridiculous stories ever!! Hopefully anyone who sees it will think the bride is crazy as well. The story focuses on the fact that you couldn't be contact 6 weeks before the wedding. It's a cake!! What's the be discussed 6 weeks out that couldn't wait another week?? I hope you don't refund the deposit, and I hope your supporters come out in force and spread all kinds of great things about you!!!

If I had a business, I don't know that I would announce to all my clients I was on vacation either. I've seen too many news stories about people being robbed after posting it on FB. They obviously knew where you lived. That would have been a security risk for you to have announced you were gone.

Do your lawyer friends recommend you put anything on your website defending yourself, or at least explaining in a way that doesn't come across as defense?

I hope this blows over quickly.
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Thanks so much Shannon!!! I think that the only ones who are really responding right now are the ones that started all this, and the ones firing back are long time loyal clients (some of whom yes, happen to be friends as well.)
My personal facebook status currently is "Gosh, I suppose could email all 300+ of my current contracts to tell them I'm going to be out of town/unavailable for a couple of weeks. I could also email them monthly letting them know my menstrual cycle, but that doesn't mean I'm GOING to!" icon_wink.gif
I won't be posting any remarks on the news station site, or on Facebook, unless it gets truly ugly where I do need to make some type of rebuttle. For now, I've simply added an FAQ section to my website:
Do you take Walk-Ins?

Sorry, but no. We run on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis. We are a very small, very busy shop. Every cake we make is handcrafted to order. We truly value ALL of our clients, but we simply do not have the time or resources for visitors and unscheduled consultations. If, however, you do decide to show up for an unscheduled consult, please understand why the door is not answered.

If you ask to visit, we will be forced to say "no". If you show up anyway, we will not be able to let you come inside. We don't want to let you down and we don't want to feel like mega jerk meanie heads. We are very sorry to be so stern and such, but there are no exceptions to this policy.

Appointments are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, subject to availability, and must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance.

To reiterate (it bears repeating), if you show up unannounced, we cannot accept walk-in consultations/meetings/tastings/talk sessions/etc. No matter how loud or how long you knock.

How Do I Order A Cake?
To start the order process, please send an email to containing all the following information:

* the date of your event
* the occasion/nature of your event (wedding, bat mitzvah, etc)
* the event location, delivery address, and delivery time
* how many people you will need to serve
* your daytime phone number
* your email address
* six flavors from our flavor list you would like to sample
* an idea of what kind of cake design you are looking for

We will contact you to to discuss your order and/or schedule an appointment.
Consults are by appointment ONLY, and unfortunately we do not have any cakes pre-made for sale. Every cake we make is custom made to order from start to finish. You can also schedule an appointment online!

I've placed my order, signed a contract, and paid a deposit. Now what?

Contracts are not signed and deposits not accepted until AFTER the cake design is finalized and approved by the client, including the taste testing and flavor selection. Once a contract is signed and a deposit accepted, there are no further steps necessary for the client until the final payment is is due. We will contact you at that time to arrange final payment, get the final guest count (in case more servings are necessary), and go over the design again briefly with you via telephone or e-mail.

So just sit back and relax; we'll take it from here. Enjoy this time to make other preparations for your upcoming event, because at this point, you've already taken care of the cake!

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

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Thanks for the link to the story....I guess anything can pass for investigative reporting. icon_rolleyes.gif I posted a comment on that page about what a non-issue this is.
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