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Come on guys, you are not at all utilizing the smilies as suggested. Maybe your post would have more meaning if you used these. How can anyone misunderstand your intention with this? icon_biggrin.gif Or more appropriate for this thread icon_evil.gif ! Or even icon_mad.gif ! icon_wink.gif
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As long as you use this one it means that everything's happy and nice thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

So you can say, for example, "Someone go kill all the kitties!" thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif and it just means that it should be taken as ironic.
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I can't believe that I'm doing this...........

I watched the full 20 minutes of raw feed from the "No-Show-Cake Bride and Groom". They mentioned several times about how they had ready-and-willing people to go pick up the cake, where ever it was but the OP never contacted them past the "I'll be late" notice.

If the cake was done and in a cooler they could have done just that. If the cakes are truly done at a different location (owned by a friend) then someone else has a key to let these desperate people in to get their own cake!!

At NO time in that 20 minutes did they EVER mention being contacted to pick up their paid for cake on Monday or it was being donated, they kept saying the only contact was brides father to cake makers husband. I think they would have mentioned it even to say to the world, "big deal, she offered our cake on Monday, not Saturday." It really makes you think.

Sorry, but the system she has of no phone calls, no visits, only contact through the website and emails I personally think is weird. I don't take a cake order until I have spoken personally to a person, I just can't get a good feel without a phone call or a face to face. I'll even go out there and wonder if these cakes were EVER done or even if these cakes are truly done at a separate location. It was many pages ago, but she skirted that question in her raw footage video AND directly skirted it here (many, many pages ago) when someone asked her about her rented kitchen.

I did have that emergency myself. 5am I was due at work, I was the primary bread maker/cake maker. I opened the door for all the other employees everyday. No me, no bread, no cake, locked doors. Well, 5am I was in the ER, with two 6mm kidney stones. If you have given birth, then you know the kidney stone pain. Wow, I could hardly breath through the pain. BUT...I was giving my husband the list of names and phone numbers to call so that everyone was aware of what was happening so no one was shocked at work and someone else could start the breads when they arrived at 8am.

There are a LOT of people in the hospital and it is VERY easy to get someone to take your phone with a pre-typed out text to walk outside of the ER to send a text for you. If you have THAT much riding on your business then you kiss the baby and take 3 minutes to deal with something, then back to the baby. I've had my babies for 18+ years and I can get it together enough to handle something else for a few minutes and back to the babies.

Always put your eggs in one basket.......why do you want to carry two?
Always put your eggs in one basket.......why do you want to carry two?
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Or...this thread in emotes would be:













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You forgot this one:


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Know your audience.
Know your audience.
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Ive been an open heart ICU nurse for 28 years. I can crack a chest in a code, act quickly and never freak out, but when something happens to one of my kids, I totally lose it. And pretty much dont get good reception in the middle of an ED. But I always have friends who show up, what can I do to help, etc and if there were things needed tending too, they would do it.
As far as the TV interview, my roommate back in the early 80's was a broadcast major and wanted me to be her interview subject for her class project. So I go in, she starts out nice, and by the end of the interview she had me looking like a drug abusing, drug stealing RN lol. She apologized but was going for an A lol!
Im a hobby baker but have been for about 25 years. I just hope OP has learned but am afraid her business will take a hit. Though I find it funny you have cakes on these websites and you never look at them, show them to people, or even see if its to your liking thus noticing the cakes that were not yours. (I think we all like to look at our own stuff once in a while)
I have been laid up with an achilles tendon repair so this thread killed 2 hours for me!
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