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Thank you for pointing that out Helen. I hadn't really thought anything of it. No, working capital is not an issue. Any thoughts on what the refund time frame should be?

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

Chasing Butterflies Pastries

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Originally Posted by KalisCakes

Thank you for pointing that out Helen. I hadn't really thought anything of it. No, working capital is not an issue. Any thoughts on what the refund time frame should be?

Kiddo, I always try to follow the golden rule, do onto to others as you have them do onto you. Put yourself in a clients shoes, if you will, or your own shoes lol if you have had any problems taking something back to a store, you want what is rightfully yours within a reasonable time. I would not advise anything beyond 5 business days as a refund time line. Just be reasonable, your clients are not your enemies, they are your bread and butter.
The best things in life, are not things.
The best things in life, are not things.
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When I posted, I thought those were your photos icon_confused.gif . Personally, I don't think I would have allowed a news reporter in my home. I would have said a simple no comment and talk to a lawyer for advise. Your very brave.

I stopped watching the video half way thru because I couldn't believe the questions the reporter was asking the OP. I felt so bad, sorry you had to go thru all that.

I think is extreme to say that noone would use the OPs bakery ever again. This was just a miscommunication problem between the OP and a few clients. She has since apologized and is making changes so that it won't happen again.

Cakesmith_duane, I agree with your statement.

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If I were in Kalis' shoes, and knew I was innocent and had valid points to make to back up my situation, I would definitely want the chance to get the interview. I think telling the reporter that you didn't want to talk would end up being reported as "baker was unavailable to comment/didn't want to comment/is clearly to busy to be bothered/is still on "vacation"/whatever other bad excuse they want to make up", just so that her side of the situation is not covered, making the clients points stronger.
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But what happened is that they didn't report/show the whole story. I don't live in that area and I don't get their news, but from what I get they only show a little of the interview on tv, not the whole thing. So unless you go online and see the whole story, your left believing an incomplete story. Not fair to the OP.
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Hi, I've been reading this since the beginning and just want to add my 2 cents for what it's worth.....

KalisCakes, sorry this has happened to you for what ever reason or reasons. No one wants unhappy clients.

With that being said, you have to do call backs. Whether you want to or not. Everyone wants to hear nice, warm, fuzzy voices on the other end of that phone. It's part of the business world. Set an hour each day to make return calls as well as email follow-ups. Even if its just to say hello and to touch base. You're letting that person know their business is important to you and you've not forgotten about them. That's all anyone wants.

Perhaps you over-extended yourself? Just a thought....
Major life events require sugar.
Major life events require sugar.
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KalisCakes, I'm so sorry this happened to you and hope that your attorney has been helpful. I just read an update posted by the reporter yesterday and it seems she still doesn't understand the deposit and that at least one cake wasn't even due yet. You didn't leave your customers hanging high and dry without a cake at their event. I do understand you had one "no-pay" that you didn't make the cake for, but what is with people expecting products or services without paying for them.
Pre-pay is standard in the wedding industry as it is in most custom businesses.
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Oh boy.

We have a word for this kind of thing down under and it rhymes with blusterduck.

If your accusers are lying about you and making sh*t up about your business practices, you say to the reporters at your doorstep "I suggest you check your facts very carefully before publishing anything, less you be liable for slander".

This is usually enough to kill a story dead, as most 'reporters' will not publish hearsay, or do the hard yards researching a story (even Kalis' reporter only put topgether a back story AFTER the fact, which was after 10 pages of comments on the Fox "News" website).

Instead you have now a three-ring circus, and unfortunately irreparable damage to your business.

I wish you all the best, Kalis. Please learn from the lessons taught...PR and communication are vital. Plus - you are a small business owner, and like it or not, the concept of "9 to 5" is not feasible. Your business is your responsibility 24/7...and THAT means ensuring you have electronic methods in place to "handhold and soothe" as others have said, when you are not available to answer a phone live. HOWEVER, you MUST set in place a system for getting back to those people in a timely manner.

I'm really glad you decided to pull the phony photos off your website too. That, too, is a step in the right direction as far as clear communication with your clients goes!

Good luck icon_smile.gif

Life's too short to make cake pops.
___________________________________ (come visit sometime!)

Life's too short to make cake pops.
___________________________________ (come visit sometime!)

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"Vacation" Going away from home and thinking the whole time about how much sh*t you have to do when you get back.

"Stay-cation" Staying home and getting all your sh*t done!!

Tami icon_smile.gif
Always put your eggs in one basket.......why do you want to carry two?
Always put your eggs in one basket.......why do you want to carry two?
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Originally Posted by jenmat

what exactly happened with the damaged cake? Was it a disaster, or just slightly damaged? How did you handle the situation?
If you handled it according to your contract, and if the damage wasn't too bad, I guess I may not refund it. If the damage was extensive and if you had a hard time dealing with the bride after the fact, then I would refund the money right away.
You are already going to have bad pr from both this couple and the first couple. If you stick to your guns too hard, you may have even more issues with other couples that have booked with you. (they all seem to know each other around here!)
Definitely, whatever you do, acknowledge their feelings and your embarrassment over the disaster. I can completely feel for them, even though accidents do happen, I would expect to be getting refund requests if other couples were at the wedding.
No fun.

How you handled the other persons wedding cake does not matter at all towards this customer. I am sure you handled it appropriately, but even if you screwed it up completely it does not change the fact that 1) They signed a contract with you and 2) That contract was explained to them before this wedding.
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I have been following this and Just thought everyone should know there are more complaints about this business. The woman crying is so sad, the uncut interview is worth watching as well. I don't know what to believe all I know is I got interested because I am going to need a cake soon icon_smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Eltorro

I have been following this and Just thought everyone should know there are more complaints about this business. The woman crying is so sad, the uncut interview is worth watching as well. I don't know what to believe all I know is I got interested because I am going to need a cake soon icon_smile.gif

It looks like this issue has already been addressed...based on an email from the OP a personal emergency prevented the cake from being delivered, and OP has agreed to give the customer a full refund, she is waiting to receive a mailing address to send the refund check.

Another story blown out of proportion, but it still looks bad that all of this stuff is happening to the OP in a short amount of time.
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Having not read every single post, I may have just missed it, but do we know what the 'extreme personal emergency' was? If I was under such a public attack, I'd play every sympathy card I could, and start spilling.
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I have been on the side of the OP since the beginning and have read every single post and like others here have felt really bad for her...but after seeing the other couple that paid their entire balance but never got their cake or their money I am a little confused....i know things beyond our control can happen and when things happen to our children there is no in between as to where your priorities would be...but why have you not contacted the bride yourself and explained what happened to her???? i feel soooo bad for her....I am not putting any blame on you so pls dont think that i am attacking you because I am honeslty on your side but I am just confused about that brides cake....her not getting it, or her money or a chance to spk to are a wonderful artist and i do hope this blows over for you but this bride is really hurt.....has this been resolved already????
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Originally Posted by snowboarder

Originally Posted by WykdGud

As I've said, I have no desire to attack anyone.

So you've said. Repeatedly. In multiple threads, where you've stirred the pot while providing the CC community with a synopsis of your long career in the legal field. You're the current pot stirrer. Congratulations.

Couldn't have said it better myself!!

Further, I thought that the purpose of these forums were to be encouraging to each other. It really disturbs me to see that these threads get SO out of hand and no mod seems to do anything about them. There are definitely people on here that never have a good thing to say about or to anyone. They never believe what any of the OP's have to say and their collective "MO's" seem to be to go on the attack, all the while prefacing themselves with "I don't want to attack anyone" or something similar.
Personally, I have taken my own amount of abuse when voicing my opinions on these forums. For whatever reason people don't feel as though they are speaking to real live human beings when they sit at their computer and spew their venom. However, the point should be made that we ARE humans--with feelings and if you have a differing opinion, that's fine. But to flat out call someone a liar and a thief totally crosses the line and is completely inappropriate.
I am sick to death of the "Pot Stirrers"! I come to this site and read these forums for support and help when I have an issue with caking. I do NOT come here for the negativity and to read posts where people feel the need to be ugly and call each other names!!! If you feel the need to say those things to someone, then at least have the common courtesy to take it off of the public forum and PM that person. If they don't answer you back, then obviously THEY don't want to listen to your crap either.
It still astounds me how completely Middle School some people still are well into their adult years! I actually had one of these "chronic pot stirrers" PM me recently when I had mentioned a member having great business advice. This person started the email off by saying that the member had "great advice" but that I "probably shouldn't follow it because her business went under and she had to declare bankruptcy!! She followed that by saying that she "really likes" this person. Wow. REALLY? What would you say if you DIDN'T like her??

We just don't need that type of people on here!! I'm not naive enough to think that everyone is always going to get along and agree on every point. However, I also don't think that I am out of line in believing that we should all be able to voice our opinions or discuss things that are going on without the fear of being ganged up on and called a liar.
As for the OP, I think that SCP said it best when she pointed out that this OP has admitted fault where there was fault. And, yes, there are several of us that would have handled this differently...we hope. Truth is, that you never know HOW you will handle a situation until you are knee-deep in the middle of it! And, to say you do, is only fooling yourself. But, again, as SCP stated earlier in the thread, this OP has stuck around and answered all of our questions and even addressed the accusations. So, it would seem to me, that if she were lying or had something to hide, she would have stopped answering and addressing comments a while ago...
In my opinion she has handled all of this with grace, dignity, but most of all, humility. . . I wish you luck LeeAnn.
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