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Originally Posted by BakingIrene View Post

Every cookbook on Viennese pastry that I have ever owner or read has a recipe for "Punschtorte" which uses pieces of cake with a rum+jam flavoured cooked sugar syrup for the filling.  Same slices of sponge cake top and bottom, same use of stale cake for filling, same compression in the fridge to bind the whole thing.


In Vienna they ice this with a pink rum glaze to tell you what kind of cake it is inside. Sounds like it came to North America with a Tyrolese baker. There are also plenty of recipes from Italian bakeries available for "rainbow cake" or "rainbow cookies" which is actually cake.  I will remember to try this cross cultural recipe fusion myself.


And in Vienna, "Russische Punschtorte" has custard filling and meringue covering.

Thanks BakingIrene for an even deeper search into the history/origin of this fantastic cake!!


a google search for Tyrolese got me to and this:


Ty·rol or Ti·rol 

A region of the eastern Alps in western Austria and northern Italy. Inhabited in ancient times by Celtic peoples, the Tyrol constantly passed back and forth, in whole or in part, between Austria and Italy in the 1800s. .."
Which explains how the Italians may have gotten involved!

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Originally Posted by Vivs View Post

Heading to Eastern MA next month, and am hoping to find some Russian Tea Cake.  The bakery I used to get it at (Central Bakery on Central Ave in Pawtucket) has since closed, so I need a new source for my fix!!! =]

I found one place in Warwick have them pictured on their website, so I know they have them (Added some flowers to the top, but the cake looks right!) Click on the bottom row, first image for those having problems understanding what we're talking about.  

  The commute from Foxboro to Warwick might be a bit much on my limited schedule, so I'm open to alternatives, but figured I'd share for those who were also seeking! =]

btw I have no connection with either of the businesses mentioned here, just trying to share

This one looks like exactly the one I had from Crugnale's in Lincoln, without the flowers. Thanks for the picture!

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