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My LandRover is leaking Oil and its not even finished!

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Hi everyone, this is my first 'help me!' so please do
I have made a 9" square Carrot cake which I have just cut in half (the depth) and it is going to be a Land Rover sat on a garage floor.
I have cut and layered it with buttercream and shaped it, covered mostly with fondant to then do the details. It is currently sat on a board which it will be moved off of onto the main cake when done but It is leaking. only from one side near one edge.
Have I done the buttercream too loose, this is what I'm thinking.
I cannot start again as It is to be done for Thursday.

I mop it up, then a few hours later there is more, it seems to puddle and stop as it doesnt just continue pooling.

I hope I havent gone on and on and on... may be a simple explanation?
Thank you in advance for your help x
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How has the Land Rover cake been stored? Is it in a hot area? Are you using the same cake and filling in the main cake? If so, has there been any leakage from the main cake?
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It is in a cake box (cardboard) in my dining room where I store all my partially/decorated cakes, its not cold nor too warm. I am using the bottom half of the cake for the base but havent filled that yet, its out of the freezer tomorrow and I have already added more icing sugar to the buttercream thinking that may be the problem.
Thank you for wanting to help
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Okay Im not trying to be rude but there is definately something wrong if your cake is leaking to the point that you have to mop it up.
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no offence taken. It only leaks less than 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml) its not lots but enough to concern me about the look of the finished product
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May I ask what type of filling did you use? I had that happen once and if I recall correctly it was a very very hot August weekend.
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i had this same thing happen when i made a sugar-free carrot cake, with sugar-free cream cheese frosting, then covered with fondant. the cake was absolutely fine until i put the fondant on... then, apparently, the cream cheese frosting was reacting badly with the fondant and literally melted underneath the fondant and kept puddling on the cake plate! i've made the same cake at other times, except a regular recipe instead of sugar-free (splenda based), and never had the problem before or again. personally, i believe in my case, it was a chemical reaction between the splenda based cream cheese frosting and the fondant! anyone else exerience this?
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Ayerim & Dix, thank you for your comments, I'm glad it hasnt only happened to me.
I have used a standard buttercream with orange zest and juice in, very yum!
I think it needed more icing sugar as I have coated the base cake with the thicker version this morning and all is well so far (10 hours later, we'll see). I will definately be more careful in future.
It is all to be eaten on Thursday, kids will be upset at not being able to have the Landy itself but i'll explain about the leak thumbs_up.gif
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