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wedding favour cookies

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Hello all

Please be nice, this is my first post here and I am very much an amateur.

My dear brother has persuaded me to make cookie favours for his wedding in June. I am planning to do stacked cakes. Very happy with my Peggy Porschen (UK) recipe and royal icing skills. BUT I have never made so many (150!) biscuits in one go before.

Any tips on the logistics of this? Should I make and roll and cut all the dough, then bake and then decorate all 150. or should I do it in smaller batches and store them decorated.

How far in advance can I make it all and store them?
ANy ideas on how to organise myself for the large number of cookies that will need to lay out to dry!

I'm confident about my cookies in one batch but quite nervous about the logistics of a BIG important order
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Bake and freeze all sizes of cookies..Then when you are ready ..set up an assembly line and go one after the other.Let them dry a day or so and then package...

Busy Bakin Kakes For Kids!!!

Mom to Mitchell 13 yrs and Delaney 11 yrs


Busy Bakin Kakes For Kids!!!

Mom to Mitchell 13 yrs and Delaney 11 yrs

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Thank you for the help.

A little surprised not to have had more replies though. Is it because I'm in England not US?
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No, it's got nothing to do with your location.

I agree, bake them as you have time and freeze them. I have even frozen decorated cookies. Just like cakes, keep them wrapped until they are completely thawed to prevent condensation from ruining them. If they're simply decorated, the decorating part should only take a day or two.
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there a a bunch of threads on here about baking in advance and freezing cookies, both un-iced and iced. Here are a few links to get you started....

freezing cookies

freezing & using RI
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Hi -

I made over 600 cookies for my daughter's wedding. I made them approximately 2 weeks before - each covered with fondant and froze them. Then a few days before I boxed in clear boxes, and put gumpaste flowers on them. I had to travel to New York from Pennsylvania so I had box them a little earlier than I wanted to, but they were still delicious.

I hope this helps.
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I'm new to this also. I make a lot of cookie favors, but it was more of a challenge (pressure!) when it was for my daughter's wedding. If you are very organized it will be OK, and if you can, enlist some helpers (maybe to wrap and package). I made all the cookies before hand and froze them. About one week before, and over several days, I defrosted and decorated in batches of 50. When each batch was dried I wrapped and boxed them (I had help with this). Then on to the next batch. It was more manageable for me and I just don't have the space to have all the cookies drying at once. Good luck and I hope this helps!
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I find it easiest to make all the dough and chill on one day, roll out and bake the next day, make icings one day, and decorate the next... Leave yourself plenty of time for drying. I use my oven racks in my oven for drying cookies, I hang a sign on my oven so no one turns it on! Other people use pizza boxes for drying and you can stack them to save space.. I have enlisted a friend to help me flood or add sprinkles etc...Precut all your ribbons and make tags ahead of time, then maybe have a friend or DH to help with bagging and tying.
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unless you are premaking the cookies and freezing them i would not make them any earlier than ONE week from the wedding day, but if you are preparing these your self, id make the cookies and freeze them and then decorate 2-3 days before wedding and bag at that point.
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