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Originally Posted by FromScratchSF

Originally Posted by LisaPeps

All the cupcakes in my pictures are IMBC tinted with normal gel paste colouring and I've never had any issues. That's using Americolor and the UK brand Sugarflair.

Maybe you could try adding the colouring before you add the butter?

Interesting! I just checked out your photos, I see 2 bright colored cupcakes, you say one was strawberry and the other passion fruit - would you say that the addition of those fruits helped boost the color? I can get a really nice vibrant pink to my BC by adding strawberries, but I could not reproduce the same color by just using regular Americolor.

I think your government has different standards on what goes into your food dyes there (especially red), and it's possible the formulations are just more suited to European buttercreams since they are more popular there then here - but I cold just be talking out of my butt... I really have no idea icon_biggrin.gif


The passionfruit one actually has no colouring in it, the brightness of the yellow is achieved purely by the addition of passionfruit curd.

For the strawberry one I remember adding quite a bit of colouring but I believe it was a sugarflair one, so that may be why I was able to get the bright pink/red.

I've found that americolor gels work well too. The multicoloured cupcakes are tinted using those. I don't like to add much of those because I find it can leave a taste.

I forgot to say aswell, the number 2 cake in my pics is IMBC tinted blue as well.
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the other night i made a ganash cake but what a disaster it was so thin you could see right thru it then i proceeded to put the fudge icing on it and it kept sliding down the side please tell me if any one can what i did wrong any comments are greatly appreciated
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