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An extruder for hair?

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I am wondering about the cost of an extruder. I would like to make a figure that looks like my daughter for her birthday cake (she has straight long hair). Don't know if I should buy one or find some other way to do the hair.
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I intend to eventuallky buy one as well, but in the meantime I use a garlic press that I bought specially for my caking.
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Get the extruder...I love mine!

I've used it many times, including for the hair on my 2 pregnant figures

I think you can find it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby (clay section) for a decent price, and even better using their coupon.
I purchased mine on-line:
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Before I was able to purchase a nice extruder for cake, I bought a really inexpensive one at Hobby Lobby that was intended for use with clay. You probably won't eat the figurine anyway and so that's what I would do for a quick fix. I think I used a coupon so I don't remember I paid about $5 or if that was the original price. Just thought this would be an alternative.
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I also use a garlic press, here is a fairy I made for a baby shower! Not as small in diameter as a clay extruder but works for me.
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Is the material for the clay extruder food safe? If so, I'd LOOOVE to get one!!!
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I tryed something the other day for hair and it worked. I use a pasta machine that I only use for fondant and I put the spag. attachment on and it worked, but you need to use wilton fondant something alittle more firm than most of the other ones. I hope this helps.
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