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Making sugar ice

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I have made sugar ice before but was not happy with the outcome. I used an ice cube tray as my mold and everything came out right but it just did not look as realistic as I wanted. What are some other options for making sugar ice for a cooler cake? Thanks so much.
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did you use sugar or isomalt?
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was it a little yellow? Is that the problem?
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I crumpled up the "release" aluminum foil then uncrumpled it some and poured the sugar over it and let it cool then broke it up. I thought it turned out well and it was fairly easy
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It was a tad yellow but I just did not like the shape of them, I wanted them to look like an cooler full of ice
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Luckilibra that is exactly what I'm looking for, thanks so much. Did you use isomalt?
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I think I just used sugar on that one.. you just have to watch it really closely to make sure you get it before it starts to turn yellow.. I used isomalt on another one I did so either one works, it was just what I had on hand. Glad I could help
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I am making it tonight so I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks so much.
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when I use sugar to make my ice for coolers, I use distilled water. I found that our local water has chemicals in it that turns the "ice" yellower than when I use distilled water. Just a thought.
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How did your cake turn out??
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