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Isomalt windows

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I'm making a Dallas cowboy stadium cake for a groom's cake next month, and plan on using isomalt to create the look of the glass doors around the stadium. Any ideas on what to pour the isomalt into to make a flat, rectangular shape? And will the finished product stick to fondant? TIA!
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You'll probably want to use a little sugar to adhere the windows to the cake. It will need a little assistance in sticking to the fondant.

Do you have a cookie cutter that is the right shape you need? You can just use that. Be sure give the sides of a the cutter a quick spray with Pam, then wipe so there's not excess grease on it (it will affect the look of your piece). Then just pour it onto whatever surface you normally pour your sugar onto. Pour from high up and a thin stream. If your surface is flat, it should seek out it's own level and be even.
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