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Indiana: Seperate Kitchen Requirements Help!!

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Please help....for anyone that knows the answer to this lol I'm going crazy and can't find the laws I'm looking for on the indiana code website.
I know that I have to have a seperate kitchen in Indiana. I have ahome that has what used to be a garage, that is now my dining room that I could put a permenant wall in, that has a seperate entrance from the home, and want to find if that could pass as a kitchen so I can be licensend. Does anyone know this answer or have any helpful links??
I don't want to call my local health department yet, just simply because I don't want to raise any attention until I'm ready to go.I know I have to get food safety licensed, no big deal just $85, but I don't know the rest. Thanks for any help and I really appriciate it and will return the favor at any time if I can! icon_biggrin.gif
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i have a licensed kitchen in southern indiana in my home. the best way to find out what is required is to have your health dept do a walk thru. this will keep you from spending any money till you know you'll pass. my health dept was very helpful. they don't check you until you call and tell them you are ready to be inspected. my biggest nitemare was with the zoning department. i had to have my house rezoned for special use.

feel free to contact me if you have any questions, but your health dept decides your rules. (they may be dfferent from mine)
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the feedback I'm hearing/seeing is that each county is interpretting the recently passed Farmer's Market Bill however they want to. Not much consistency which could be good (or could be bad) for you.

Call them and ask them how this bill is being enforced in your county.
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After a nice long talk with my local health department, we did the necessary renovations, and for us it really didn't cost a lot. We had what used to be a garage that was later a finished dinnning room, then turned into a kitchen lol. It's very small 12x15, but just enough for me and my few family members that help.
As long as I had a separating wall from my home, separate entrance, 3 basin sink, hand washing sink, stove fridge freezer w/thermometers...I was good as gold. Indiana is real big on wash, rinse, sanitize so no dishwasher- Great for cost, but not so much on time. But.. to help answer anyone that is in central Indiana, these are the rules they go by - so says my health department rep. thumbs_up.gif
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