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question on cookie bouquets

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How thick should I roll out the dough for a cookie bouquet? Thicker than usual? Any reccomendation on the type of stick to use?
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I use skewers that you use for grilling. You may want to snip the sharp point off so they aren't used for weapons. I put them in as soon as you can pick them up off the pan without causing burns on yourself.
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I roll mine out to 1/2 inch and use cookie sticks. I put the stick in before I bake.
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I have used the cookie sticks also. They work great with the exception of you are limited to how many cookies you can cook on a sheet.
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Do you have to roll them 1/2 inch thickness? Or can you roll them smaller?
Those of you who put them in before you bake, do you place the stick under the dough or stick it in the dough?
Thanks for your responses!
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If you use the cookie sticks, roll them thicker because the sticks are thicker. You want the cookie to cover the stick. You can also put the stick on the back and cut a strip of dough to go over it. This seems like a lot of work to me. You can look on cake journal for this method. To me the easiest way is to stick the skewer in after cooking when they are still hot. Trust me they are hard to remove.
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I have rolled them 1/4 inch and used lollipop sticks instead. I like the 1/2 inch better because I like the look and the cookie to icing ratio. I push the stick into the cookie before baking.
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I just bought 8 inch lollipop sticks, is that ok?
I didn't see anything that said cookie sticks
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I also use bamboo skewers - today I tried putting them in flat end first so that I can use the pointed end to stick into my foam.

I put them in just out of the oven while they are still on the pan. It's easy to push the stick into the warm cookie and it sort of bakes onto the stick while they cool down. I do have to think about where I'm putting the cookies on the sheet when I bake them, but it's very quick and easy.

One thing I learned the hard way...when putting the cookies into your container, be sure to hold only the stick part...I had a ladybug slide all the way down the stick as I tried to insert her in foam by pushing from the top...oops! I always bake and extra of each shape "just in case" icon_smile.gif

Good luck!
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