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Chocolate moulds

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I need to make some chocolate shells for a mermaid cake. whenever I use the moulds, the shells don't come out nice and shiny, they kind of lose the top. are there any tips on making them nicer.

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are you putting them in the fridge to set?
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I throw mine in the freezer for a few minutes and pop them right out
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by the sound of your issue, you are either not putting them in the fridge/freezer, or not loeaving them in long enough icon_smile.gif
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No, I wasn't putting it in the fridge or freezer to set. I will try that and see how it goes.
Thank you for the tips
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Are you using chocolate or confectioner's coating/candy melts? If you are using real chocolate, then your problem is most likely your temper. If you do not properly temper, your chocolate will not be shiny.
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So should I use chocolate melts instead? I was using lindt chocolate
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Lindt chocolate bars?
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No, I buy the baking chocolate from them. They come in a large bag and look like little chocolate dollars.
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