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Planet Cake White Chocolate Ganache

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Hey guys,

Well after having huge success using the planet cake dark chocolate ganache (2:1 chocolate to cream), I made the white chocolate last night (3:1 chocolate to cream) and have to say I was more than disappointed. Firstly it never went hard enough, I popped it in the fridge over night and it did harden, but as soon as it came to room temperature (which was happening whilst I was covering it with fondant) it started softening to a buttercream consistency. Is this normal?? I'm going to try doing a 4:1 ratio, because it just wasn't working at all. Has anyone else had the same issue?
Firstly I weight my ingredients so I know that my chocolate was exactly 3 times heavier than the cream, so it wasn't a problem with that. Could it be the chocolate? I bought Belcolade white chocolate buttons (10kg of them so please don't say its that lol). I'm so disappointed, I was so looking forward to using it - because I can't use dark chocolate ganache for every cake.

Any pointers would be most welcome.

Thanks icon_smile.gif
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I haven't tried this recipe yet but bought the book recently and was kind of looking forward to giving it a try. Hopefully someone will have some answers for you icon_smile.gif
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I use sainsburys own brand White chocolate and the green whipping cream. Never had any issues. When I changed the chocolate to green and blacks I had loads of issues, it was really greasy and didnt set. Sainsburys own brand is only £0.31 per 100g, could you do a test run? I swear by it.

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I've always had a problem with making white chocolate ganache, regardless of the brand. I've tried 3:1, and 4:1, ratios of white chocolate to cream, but it is ALWAYS too soft icon_sad.gif I have no idea how to help, but I'd appreciate other's advice too!
~Mommy, gardener, scientist, cake decorator~
~Mommy, gardener, scientist, cake decorator~
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I just used the white chocolate ganache from their book on my zebra cake (ganache pics posted on my blog) and it worked out great. I'm not a fan of white chocolate but needed it for this cake. I'm embarassed to say that I used any white chocolate I had on hand - Guittard buttons, Guittard chips and bulk white chocolate from my grocery store to make up the 3lbs. Did your cream have enough fat? I recall reading that she uses cream with a specific amount % of fat. Sorry not much help but it might be just finding the right chocolate/cream combo that works.
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tryin to find book do ya'll know where to find in the carolinas would like to try this book out please help thanks for the advice
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Amazon is where I got mine from.
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tnxs will try that
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I have alway had luck using Guittard Choc-Au-Lait chips 3:1 ratio. After blending chips and cream I use my immersion blender to get it really smooth, then I put plastic wrap directly on top and let it sit on the counter overnight or most of the day. If the consistency seems a bit stiff I put it in the microwave for just a few seconds and stir, perfect for covering a cake icon_biggrin.gif I do chill the cake for a few hours before covering with fondant. Hope this helps icon_smile.gif
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I'll be interested to hear the replies as well. I just tried the planet cake method with the dark and I really liked-was looking forward to trying the white soon...icon_smile.gif
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I use the Planet Cake white ganache recipe often, and it's always worked for me. Maybe it is the chocolate you used? I'm in Australia, and just a hobbyist so I buy white chocolate blocks at the supermarket...I usually use either Nestle Milky Bar or Whittakers (and sometimes Plaistowe, or Woolworths Select brand cooking blocks.) All of those have worked well. But I've had problems every time I've tried to use Cadbury Dream white chocolate, so I never buy it now - the ganache goes all oily (splits) and has to be thrown out
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I'm REALLY hoping its not the chocolate I'm using, because it was expensive and I bought a ton of it!! However, I'm pretty sure it's not the chocolate and to be honest, I think it's that I am expecting too much from it. White chocolate even before you melt it with cream, is not that solid - whereas the dark chocolate obviously is. I did refrigerate mines, but then it came to room temperature before I covered it, so I think the best thing for me to do is to cover it while it is cold. I shouldn't have a problem with that because I use Massa Ticino and it doesn't sweat etc, so I'll try that next time. I might still try the 4:1 method. I'm pretty sure it's not the cream, it's the same cream I use for the dark chocolate ganache and it's heavy cream (or we call it double cream).
Actually something else has just occurred to me. I added a flavour compound to the ganache, probably about three tablespoons, which certainly would have changed the consistency, so maybe if I intend on flavouring it, I should use the 4:1 method, in order to compensate.
Thanks for all the responses.
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Pose your question on the Planet Cake forum:

The cited ratio is 3 part white chocolate and 1 part cream: which would be along the lines, for example, 1800 grams white choc and 600 grams cream

UK Heavy cream or double cream ? Use a cream that is approx 35% fat. Any higher and the mix will be too soft ..
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I made white chocolate ganache for the first time last night. I have used dark chocolate ganache many times, and this was no where close to the same result. I did a 3:1 ratio, measured on my scale, it did firm up enough to touch it without it being sticky, but was never solid. I ended up using a viva towel and fondant smoother on it instead of a hot knife, which worked great! I would like it to be firmer though... maybe I will try a 4:1 ratio next time also...
Oh, and I used Ghiradelli(sp?) white chocolate
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Here is another site with some great facts on ganach -
just one more...
just one more...
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