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Containers for the Freezer

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Can anyone direct me to good containers that I can use to store cookies both in and out of the freezer? I Googled "Tupperware" but the best I came up with was a Coldcut container for $27.00.

I'd really appreciate your help. This is my first post. I'm new to the group and am enjoying reading your old posts icon_smile.gif

I am about to embark on making Rolled Sugar Cookies (is that RSC? !) for a church bake sale and am getting myself organized!
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When ever I have a large order for cookies I use containers that I have purchased at the restaturant supply store. They are a little expensive but worth every penny. If I only have a few dozen to store I use the plastic disposible containers that you can buy at the grocery store. There really is not need to buy really expensive containers, just stock up on the ones from the grocery store. They work great. Hope this helps.
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I actually use 9x13 cake pans with the plastic lids that clamp down and have a handle on them. Meijers has them for around $6 ea., and they stack well. It's surprising how many unfrosted cookies that you can get in them. Undecorated, I just stack them up, trying not to leave parts that may break in a vulnerable position -- decorated, I place them in layers with wax paper between.
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Lock & Lock containers. They have a very tight seal.

Just make sure you know exactly the sizes you're buying in inches. They have excellent reviews, except some people think they're getting them larger or smaller and are very confused about measurements.
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I use Rubbermaid containers - the ones with clear bottoms and dark red tops. They are great in and out of the freezer, though the bottom isn't exactly flat, it's a little convex (not a problem unless you have some really intricate cookies in which case you can't put them out toward the edge of the container). I have two 9x13 containers that are about $10 each at Giant/Food Lion, etc. They hold 5 layers of unbaked, cut cookies. There was a deeper version for $13, but I would worry about the weight on the bottom cookies if I had a container that was any deeper. The $20 I spent on these two was well worth the investment!
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Just wanted to to say thank-you. It feels welcoming to hear from so many after my first post. All of the thoughts and ideas have helped me as I begin my cookie baking--and freezing!
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