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On average, I charge $2/ea for orders up to 100.  For orders from 100-150 I take .30 cents off and for orders of 150 or more, .40 cents off.   Any special characters or designs are 2.50 up to 3.50/ea depending on the quantity ordered.  Example-I did ONE dozen spiderman shaped cake pops for a client and charged them $3.50/ea which they were very willing to pay.


 While Starbucks charges only 1.25/ea for their cake pops, they are actually only cake on the inside and have a candy coating.  My cake pops have cake/buttercream mixture on the inside and I use real white and milk chocolate as the outside.  This obviously tastes much better and the cost of materials is higher.  I think you need to look at what it costs to make them and the time it takes to make them and the average price of cake pops out there to come up with your figure.