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Originally Posted by EmmaHols

Cracks are the bane of my life with pops. I spend several very stressful weeks testing and researching to find an answer. I'm currently at a 90% sucess rate (I make several hundred every week) and this is what I believe is important:
DO NOT CHILL YOUR BALLS!!!!!! Cold is your enemy. SImply roll them and dip them at room temperature inless you live in an extremely hot climate and the chocolate won't set a room tempreature.
Add 2 tablespoons of copha per 500g/1lb melts. It helps the chocolate set up faster, great to hot climates. (Sorry USA, that's a Australia tip!)
Don't pack them too tight.
Double dip them to cover cracks.

Once the balls are coated you can refridgerate or freeze them.
Hope this helps!

icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif Always good advice. thumbs_up.gif

I agree. leah_s posted this tip in another foum, so I tried it. I don't use any bc unless the cake just won't hold together without it, and they never go in the fridge or freezer. I don't get my coating super hot either - just enough to get it melted and then I let it cool off a little as well. Works great - I made 13 dozen pops a month ago and not one of them cracked. Yay!
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Copha is a brand of vegetable shortening, isn't it? I started adding some to my chocolate when I make cake pops, and it's helped reduce the cracking. The coating also sets harder and has a little crunch to it with the shortening. I haven't made cake balls in so long, I'd totally forgotten about this, but you're right, EmmaHols!
"I know my own mind...and it's around here somewhere!"
"I know my own mind...and it's around here somewhere!"
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I also found that if my cake is too moist the cake pops will crack. That's what recently happened to me with a red velvet cake that called for a lot of oil. 

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I roll them, chill them, and re-roll, just to get them really smooth and round. However, I don't refrigerate them after that.

Too cold and too tightly rolled = cracking.

I put my chocolate in a mini crock pot until just melted, and then turn it off, the residual heat keeps it from hardening, but it never gets hot, that helps a lot as well.

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If you freeze them, do you add the decoration before or after? Im throwing a baby shower in a few months and there are a lot of people coming so I would like to start doing some things here and there so im not overwhelmed when the day gets here. How long can they stay in the freezer?

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@EmmaHols: Your cake pop is beautiful! I have one question, if you do not put your pops in the fridge, how do you keep them from falling off the stick when you dip them? I dip the end of the stick in the chocolate first before putting them in the pop but mine still fall off if they aren't cold. What am I doing wrong?

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PS: what kind of melting chocolate do you use? icon_biggrin.gif

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First time making cake pops & BOY I never dreamed it would be this difficult!!  I'm having trouble with cracking & leaking oil.  I haven't made a single one that hasn't cracked.  I've tried fridge method, freezer method, no chill method, nothing seems to prevent cracking.  Maybe its how I'm rolling them??  Some say if you roll it too tight they will do you NOT roll them tight?  If I try to not roll them tight the cake seems to have cracks & I'm afraid the cracks will show through the chocolate or even break apart & fall off the stick.  Its frustrating because you see so many beautiful smooth cake pops & and I can't make a single one. PLEASE HELP!!

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Try she is also on FB.. Under Cake Pops creative edibles by yuki... Love her work!! Hope this helps.
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When you say cracking, are you talking about the chocolate cracking?  I break up and make my cake crumbs as fine as possible, then use a couple of tablespoons of buttercream to bind it.  I really have to work it in my hands to get a ball going.  Everything is at cool room temperature for me (like 68).  I never ever refrigerate before dipping.  I dip the stick in the chocolate then insert it in the pop, then when that firms I dip it.  I have the Wilton melting pot and it works great.  I use the chocolate from Hobby Lobby.  I really hate the Wilton Candy Melts.  The key with getting it to not leak oil is to dip the entire pop and make sure it's sealed to the stick.  That is, dip the whole thing and make sure you get a good seal where the cake ball meets the stick.  Any time I've had leaking it's been from an area which wasn't covered with chocolate. 

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  I have been freezing mine, i have not had major problems until now..I had to re do an entire order of baby cake pops  due to cracks, and almost had a melt down with the easter eggs..  Starting now I will NOT be freezing my pops

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hello ladies   last  week  searching and reading   for hours   looking here and there   finaly   got  here  :-D

i read all  and single one of your post  and   follow  all of the tips  ;-D  ......

mi cake  pops  come out  perfectly single one crack or oil dripp  :D......

1.-  little more  buttercream  for  cookie dough consistency..

2.-  not compress the   cake  too much  ...

3.-  not freeze mi  cake pops  or refrigerate at all  ( and  l have to say  i was so worried   for mi cake pop to fall in to the chocolate and  ruin  it

 all ...  but  nothing  happend         ;-D...  so i keep going  )   

4.-   l do doble  dipp in chocolate     

l hope this will help  as a  provent test  and l do whant  so say thanks very much  for all of you  ladies  who took  time to post  and answerd    ans you experiment   and get  any results on you test  

..................................................   again thanks    ..miss tupsy  cakes  <3 


patty amezola
patty amezola
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