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I use that method with the pastry brush too stlcakeladyicon_smile.gif I'm cannot wait to try this CB that cramijok mentions. because even though I know my cakes are awesome I still think u can taste the box flavour. And I don't like it personally. Let's see if my local supply store carries it. other wise I'll order it online. ttysicon_smile.gif
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Okay new concern. I don't understand y I was nervous about this cake. I should've stayed with what I know and stuck with my durable cakes. I didn't use sour cream in this recipe and am afraid of this not with standing fondant. What are your thoughts? I have two hours before I start filling and do need to know if I should re bake or stick with what I have. DAMN I cannot stand thisicon_sad.gif
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Not sure I follow you. What seems to be the problem with the cake. What's it doing?
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Hi stlcakelady, I used the recipe"strawberry cake-from a mix-but with no fake flavours", and was told after the fact NOT TO USE FONDANT BECAUSE IT WILL CRUMBLE ON MEicon_sad.gif((((((
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Oh No!!! Does the cake feel crumbly? I never have this problem, as I always follow the same rule: box mix, 1 stick melted butter, 4 large eggs, 1 cup milk. If I'm making a chocolate cake, I'll also add 1 cup mayonnaise for moistness. Sorry this has happened to you. Could you try freezing the cake, then filling and frosting. As I do filling, I press down each layer very firmly to get out any air bubbles. I realize that you don't have much time on your hands right now, but I typically let it sit and thaw for a day to settle. Then I stick back in fridge to firm up and then cover with fondant. This is the method I use every time.
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Hey youicon_sad.gif I know right, damn!!!! next time I'll stick with what I know! any who...
I baked yesterday
today I'm filling and freezing
Saturday, I'll trim,crumb coat and fondant,decorate
We both use the same method for cakes and I pray it works for me.
I'm currently waiting for my strawberry filling to settle and off I go.
OMG I swear ....ya well I better noticon_smile.gif)))) k here I goicon_smile.gif
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Hope it works for it too late to rebake and freeze? I think I'd be trying that just for my own peace of mind. The nice thing about using that koolade packet is that it doesn't change the structure of your you can use the method you always do and know that you'll be fine.
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Man girl, you should've of said that. Now I'm going to be thinking the same thing. If all else fails I'm going t o cover the cakes in coloured BC and use fondant cut outs. As long as she's getting the same design she doesn't really care. Plus it'll benefit her pocket book. okay I'm going to fill them now. ciao
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So I filled them and guess what? they seem to be good. So I'm not going to stress over it any longer. Cannot wait to post pics' thanks a billion for your support. oh btw, your cakes are amazingicon_smile.gif
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