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Okay, so I'm doing a happy dance right now...

I decided to go ahead and order a 7kg box of Bakels, searched online and found that the cheapest I could find it (inc freight) was about AU$66 - that's more expensive than the same quantity of Orchard from the supermarket. Anyway I decided to go ahead and order anyway in the hope that it'll be a better product... so I fill out all my details, but just before I hit 'order' I remember a hotel supply place in TAS that sells kitchenware. Hmm, I'm thinking it would be a long shot, but it might save me some freight, so I ring them and am happy to discover that yes, they do stock it...and it's only going to cost me AU$45 delivered!! So I'm pretty happy to have saved myself $21 - don't you love it when you find something cheaper than you expected somewhere!?

Hi Coral, I know this post is quite a bit old now but I am hoping that your still around!

I also live in Tasmania and I was wondering if you would care to share where you are purchasing your fondant?

I have been looking online as well, the postage is a killer!

Any help would be appreciated

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