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Ganache Under Fondant

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Hey everyone out there in Cake Central Land...

I am due to make a boston cream cake, and instead of chocolate buttercream on the cake, I wanted to be ambitious and make the traditional ganache frosting. But I am fondanting this cake as well...

I do best by visuals and I have yet to find a video or step-by-step tutorial of using ganache under fondant. Here are my questions:

- The recipe I use is simple: 8 oz chocolate to 1 cup heavy cream. Is that an OK recipe or should I use something different?

-I know that ganache is typically runny after it has been made and cooled slightly. When would I "frost" the cake? While the ganache is still warm, a few hours later, or a day later? If its a day later, what is the consistency like? I think cooled chocolate=hard mess.

- How do I smooth it out? The hot knife method?

- How do you get the fondant to stick to the ganache once its on?

Thanks guys...even though this cake is for my sister and not a client, I've put in a ton of hours and I don't want to mess up icon_surprised.gif

- Sarah icon_rolleyes.gif
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Search "ganache" and many threads will come up. thumbs_up.gif
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yeah, I had done that before, but didn't get many results. Then I did a search in Google for the bagillionth time, and more posts came up from CC. Now I know what to do...I think! icon_smile.gif
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hey there i made this thread a few weeks ago and got some great advise, hth!
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excellent! thank you so much...i also liked the visual with the website towards the end of the forum thread....thanks again icon_smile.gif
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