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Edible Adhesive Glue

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Hey Everyone,

So I successfully made my first batch of isomalt jewels and gumpaste molds to hold said jewels. What would be the best adhesive to use to attach the gems to the gumpaste? Edible sugar glue with tylose powder, or royal icing? Same for attaching gumpaste to pastillage, and marzipan to fondant? Thanks for all ya'lls help.
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I have better luck with royal icing than gum glue with the jewels. Of course, you'll need to tint your royal if the gumpaste you are gluing to isn't white.

I have no experience with marzipan or pastillage, so can't help ya there.
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Piping gel should also work for this.
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Awesome, thanks ya'll. This is such a big cake, I was hoping for one medium to attach rather than making 3. Im going to get the piping gel, and if that doesnt work, i got stuff on hand to make up a a batch of ri.
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