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Originally Posted by shaekae81

I am happy to report, that I have an understanding of serving size now and will never go that over the top without payment again! icon_smile.gif In the future, the SS will be $129, and the track will be $115.

I've had the opposite problem with several people. They'll email me pictures of the cakes they want, then tell me the number of servings they need. Problem: they usually want a cake that will feed a gazillion people (okay, slight exaggeration), but they only need 20 servings. So they expect the price to reflect their number of servings, yet the cake to look like the one in the picture. icon_rolleyes.gif

With one repeat offender, I've gotten so I'll make the cake for and use her number of servings only to make sure she'll have enough (or, usually, too much) cake, and not run out. But, she's gotten more than her fair share of cakes at a cut rate by telling me she only needs 20 people or 10 people, then asking for a tiered or otherwise huge cake. I'm at fault here, because I haven't sat down and explained to her that I can't give her what she wants for $/serving x 20, because what she wants is x40 or x75. *sigh*
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I did this cake to match the birthday invitations. It's 6, 8 and 10 inch cake. Chocolate cake with strawberry filling and franch vanilla cake with baverian cream filling. I charged $210
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I don't know if this is actually is indirectly, I guess. How much do you guys charge for a deposit? Do you charge a set fee or a percentage? And when do you ask for the rest of the payment?
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Wow! I love this thread! I always have people that call and say they want a cake, then I tell them the price, which I underprice too, and they never come back! I live in a small town where everyone is accustomed to going to Walmart for there cakes. Although they think that because I am baking it at home that the cake should actually be cheaper! I have a potential customer coming by tomorrow to look at my cakes. She wants something for a baby shower. I hope that this works out for me. I have had about 3 people back out of orders in the last few months!
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Hi everyone! Newbie here. I just had a few questions if no one minds? icon_smile.gif
First of all, I have to say everyone's cakes here are just beautiful! I'm hoping I can do just as well eventually. I happened to stumble across this forum and topic as I was searching the internet for cake decorating supply stores. I have no idea what I'm doing to be honest. Lol. I've just been searching for some basic supplies for the beginner. I've never decorated a cake before, other than your basic Duncan Hines box mix and frosting. I once played around with some fondant bought at Wal-Mart by Wilton, but that turned into a horrible mess. It was either too dry or too gummy and tasted icky. So, I'm trying to search for a good tasting fondant, and a good buttercream recipe. This is something that I very much want to do, and want to get lots of practice in. I eventually would LOVE to go to Notter School of Pastry Arts, but I don't want to go in there clueless. So anyway, I guess my questions are these; What tools do you suggest for the beginner? I'm on a very tight budget and can't afford too much. Eventually I'd love one of those Wilton kits though. And secondly, does anyone know of a great fondant recipe, and buttercream recipe? I would really appreciate any advice anyone is happy to give, and I thank you greatly! icon_biggrin.gif Oh! One more thing.. I don't have a stand mixer. Can fondant and buttercream recipes be mixed by hand, and still turn out? Thanks so much everyone! icon_biggrin.gif
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First I would just like to say that all of you that have shared your cake pictures are so talented and I hope that someday I can get to your level! I have never had any training and everything I know I have learned just from jumping in and doing it. I mostly make cakes for family members but recently after posting my pictures on Facebook I had two people approach me about making cakes for them so I agreed. I had no idea what to charge so I added up what it would cost in ingredients and then added to that so I have no idea if I charged appropriately for the cakes. So being totally new to this and you all being the experts that you are I have posted the two cakes and the prices I sold them at and would love for your feedback. Did I over/under charge? Thanks so much!

Minnie Mouse cake for a 1 year old.
8 3 layer, vanilla cake, MMF Sold for $50.00
Package Cake
11x15 Chocolate cake, Chocolate MMF, MMF bow, ribbon and tag Sold $55.00
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Does anyone charge extra for each gumpaste flower?
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Some new photos & prices...

Cross Christening Cake - $40

Toy Story Cupcakes - $30 for 2 dozen

Funeral Cake - It was for my Aunt's funeral so I didn't charge, but if I did, it would be $40

Simple Sheet Cake - an 11x15 cake. $55

Hibiscus 6" Cake - $25

Joint Cake - Quarter Sheet - $50

Jungle Themed Baby Shower - $110

Jungle Themed Cookie Favours - $2 each

Yoga Cake - $90

Carved Audi Cake - this was for my cousin's birthday, so I just charged for cost of ingredients. If it was a regular customer, I would have charged between $100-$120.
Sunny Smiles from the Cayman Isles!
Sunny Smiles from the Cayman Isles!
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love this thread very informative!!
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I just want to ask what everyone is pricing their sheet cakes at?
the sizes I have are 9x12, 18x12, 12x24(which is just two 1/2's side by side)

i was looking around and trying to get my base price for the 1/4 thn x it from there but the price i had seen around was about .50/serving working out to and that seams really low

i was thinking single layer 1/4 35.00 and double with basic fillings 55.00?
thats about .75/serving with no filling and 1.25/serving with filling
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First of all I had the same problem when I first started this side business. I found myself working all the time and not getting paid for it. NOW.....I have learned that it is better to do less and make more.
This attached photo is a wedding cake.
Charged 1,250.00 (that includes set up)
It was to feed around 400 people.[img][/img]
God gets all the Glory!!!
God gets all the Glory!!!
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How do you add pics to the forum?
God gets all the Glory!!!
God gets all the Glory!!!
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just post the link to where your pics are
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Is anyone from Ohio?
I am sure the prices are different in different areas.
Most of my 3 tier birthday cakes are between $90 and $150.
4"-6"-8" or 4"-7"- 9" and 4"- 8"- 10"
I was only charging $40, for the smallest size, when I first started and started charging more as I became a little more confident. I would like to charge a little more but not to sure if Ohioians will pay much more than that.
Am I still under charging?
So much cake, so little time = )
So much cake, so little time = )
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well, my husband would be glad to hear that he was right! I am WAY undercharging for my cakes. This thread has proved it. I thought I was getting better, but I am no where near where I should be. I'm taking a cake break for a while maybe one day when I get back to it I will have the nerve to charge more.
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