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Cricut for cookies

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Does anyone use the Cricut Cake or the Cricut mini machine for cookies? If so, do you think it's worth the money? My JoAnn's has the mini cricut on sale for $99 this week and I am toying with buying it. I just don't want to spend the money if it is not worth it.

Would love to hear from you Cricut users. icon_biggrin.gif
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do you mean for cutting out the dough?

I haven't tried it, but form what I've read in past threads, you have to roll the dough VERY thin to get the cricut to cut it... most likely much thinner than your normal cookie dough.
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I put fondant on my cookies. I was wondering if anyone uses it for their fondant cut outs on their cookies.

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Fondant won't work because it's too soft for the cricut to cut. You have to use gumpaste or add tylose powder to fondant to get it stiffer.
I've not had much luck cutting gumpaste with the cricut. It seems to be ok for larger decorations which i don't need, but for smaller decorations, like ones you'd need for cookies, it doesn't cut well for me. I gave up on it.
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I have cut fondant with my cricut. I don't roll it quite as thin as some say, and let it sit out a few minutes before sending it through. Fresh MMF is harder to work with than "mature" MMF (made and sitting around a while- I had some in the fridge from a couple of months ago, warmed and kneaded, added color, rolled and cut.)
I used a clay roller to roll very thin, but I found a prefer using my rolling pin and the smallest guides from Wilton (pink I think).

I'll post my picture when I find it!
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I've never used it for cookies but I've heard you can as long as you roll them pretty thin, and then bake them a little shorter, since they are thinner. I've heard it's best to put the rolled out dough in the freezer before cutting.

I use my cricut all the time for cutting fondant, I haven't had too much success with mmf, but fondant rolled very thin and allowed to set for a couple of minutes cuts nicely.
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I personally wouldn't want a cookie that has been rolled thin enough to be cut in the Cricut.
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If you're asking to use the cricut to decorate - yes, it makes beautiful cookies, and I use fondant also. There are sooooo many designs you can make on a cookie! (Will be posting pictures hopefully soon) But if you're asking about the sugar cookie dough - it is way too thin for a decorated cookie.
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