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Beaversaurus Rex

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I really think it would be great if the "Cake shows" would actually list the prices of their work much like they do on Fabulous Cakes. People are getting their ideas from the things these shows are putting out. They are totally unaware of the amount of work that goes into creating a character or animal or building. If you want true art then you have to pay for it. If it doesn't matter whether you have "true art" then go buy the cracker jacks because you get exactly what you pay for, cracker jacks.

Yes, I would LOVE it if they did that AND put the amount of hours that it took to complete it.   When I get a request for a sculpted cake (mine start at $250 for something on the more simple side) and I quote a price, people immediately back away and opt for a traditional cake.  I tell them I completely understand, that they take a whole new set of skills and time than traditional cakes, and that Duff's minimum order (at the time) was $1000.  Then they say "OH...I didn't realize..."  Educate them!


I'm certainly not Ace of Cakes, but I can pull off some pretty cool shizz, and just because I'm not famous doesn't mean I work for a waiter's hourly wage.


Or just because I do this out of my house doesn't mean I don't have overhead...maybe a little less, but my time and talent are still worth it.


People cringe at the prices because it's edible and will disappear.  It's not a painting or sculpture that will last, so it should be cheap, right!?!  HAHAHAHA

Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
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I dont know what they think but a girl I know (fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull of money) just asked me a cake for 30 people, 2 tiers in fondant.. for $50! I dont even know what to say her back..

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I dont know what they think but a girl I know (fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull of money) just asked me a cake for 30 people, 2 tiers in fondant.. for $50! I dont even know what to say her back..

Tell her to eat her purse because that's what your cake costs!!  (I'm assuming she's got an expensive handbag.)

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Since she is a friend, I told her i could make 1 tier cake in a VERY simple design, 10" cake to feed 30 people. She said it's not enough cake, so she turned me down!!! SHE DID! I cant believe it.

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I have just opened a bakery in  a smaller town and people are accustomed to Walmart cakes. They bring in a picture of a cake of Pinterest and say I want that. I give them the price and they are floored and can't believe it. I have also broke down and given a discounted price only to have them turn around and leave a bad review or request their money back. No more--if people do not want to pay for my time and labor so be it. They always say they are shopping around--looking for a home based baker to do it as well.  Okay that is fine, we all shop around. I wish them the best and ask them to consider us down the road.

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Wow I have never charged less than $250 for a 3 tier cake. Cannot believe they complained it was a high price.
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Lol...I agree
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Walmart will be pissed, you're undercutting them with 3 tiers at 50$.
Lolll yup
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Spent days making fondant hocky pieces, you know school jersey, pucks, sticks, blades etc, 3 D graduation cap as well in school colors. Then baked a cake for 125 people, cake looked awesome, I dropped it off to the party place, co-worker was no where to be found her husband was though, his reply nice cake thanks. LoL. Monday co-worker comes to work pokes her head into my office says, great cake, thanks um we didn't use it we had ice cream cake instead! I thought how strange, and for the record the cost of this cake ZERO dollars because it appears my co-worker thought I had plenty of time on my hands, and I love her son as much as she does. ( I don't know him) so I shouldn't need to be paid. Although we had agreed on a very reasonable price. Never again lesson learned the hard way. icon_wink.gif.

OMGG no way!! That would make my blood boil. You need to be compensated.
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This is an interesting thread.  After reading about 10 pages of this It reminded me of other real life situations that are an anathema to upright folks.


But no matter how much you get annoyed there is always a flossie to give it away for free; a freewalker that makes it and sells it cheap; a bunch of shops in town that do bulk business of minimal quality to the common man; and high class specialists that are exclusive & expensive.  That is the story of mankind, and it's as old as the hills.


I am talking about baking of course. The advice given by the professional and successful cake artists in this thread is well worth studying and applying.  Lots of solid business sense going on here.

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I should add that I've worked my way up from flossie to average and I'm following to shoot for the stars and move up towards the higher skill level.:party:

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so "how much do people think a cake cost to make?"  well at Safeway a box mix is $2.00, can of frosting $3.50, sprinkles $ it's $6.50 for an 8" two layer cake.

So a two tier cake should be about $15 bucks right?


There is simply No information available anywhere that informs the public about the cost of Custom Cakes; other than what people see in their grocery store, big box store, or bakery.


Nothing on TV talks about cake prices, nothing on the internet, none of the Food Channel shows address it, nothing in magazines, newspapers, or movies, it's not a topic of conversation around the water cooler at work, nor on radio, you don't see it on bill boards or outside the bakery.


Yet everyone you know can 'ballpark' a figure for a Ferrari vs. a Volkswagon.   Right.

but can anyone tell you what Sylvia Weinstock, Duff Goldman, or even Buddy 'Cake Boss' Valestro sell theirs for.   not likely.


You walk into McDonalds and the prices are nailed to the wall.  cheap.

You walk into Four Seasons and the menu is handed to you.  prices are high.  quality.

You walk into a place where there are no prices on the menu-----You probably can't afford it !!!!

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I've always realized that people in general don't know what is involved in making and decorating a cake.  Your costs are not out of line.  I am a hobby decorator and only decorate for family.

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I don't see the customer as the problem. The reason consumers think they can get cheap cake is because they can. Cakers are giving them the wrong idea about prices by working for nothing.   And as if being undercut isn't enough, this also gives the customer the idea that the person quoting a reasonable amount is price gouging.  Before all this baking from the home started, it used to be that people offering cakes (bakeries) had to at least have some business sense or they'd go out of business.  Now people with no business sense whatsoever and no sense of responsibility are making it very hard on those trying to make a living in the cake business and in some cases even putting bakers out of business.


It's unconscionable to undercharge, period.  Every time someone undercharges they are cheating themselves and undercutting someone else.  I've seen so many posts by people talking about how little they charge and it's mind boggling to me why they aren't extremely embarrassed to tell anyone. I'm stunned to think that the vast majority of people selling cakes wouldn't want to sell them for as much as they can.


Also -- cakers are as confused about who their customers are as consumers are confused about whether they can afford a luxury cake. If you sell high end cakes, your customers are mostly rich people. I sell cakes to people whose means are way beyond mine. I'm not my target market. I cannot afford my cake. My friends and family are not my target market.  If there are no rich people in your area, then maybe you're not going to be making high end cakes.

Brilliant statement.  I love making cakes.  I love that people enjoy my cakes.  I do not love having to tell someone that wants a 300.00 cake for 50.00 that they can't afford my cakes.  It's a fact though and I have to face it.


Most cakers start out in this business as a craft.  (A expensive craft)  Before long they think that they can make some money for their time and expense, but they don't have the business skills required to assess what the true value of their product is or if they do, the balls to sell their cakes for what they are worth.  It doesn't take long before most recognize that they are not going to make a living.


I am crafty by nature and love other craft mediums.  I crochet lovely afghans.  Unfortunately, it takes many hours to create one and people are not likely to buy a custom blanket from me when they can purchase a lovely one from TJ Maxx for less than I spend on the yarn for one of mine.  I only make them now for family and gifts.


The custom cake world is exactly the same thing.  The cost of supplies, ingredients and labor makes a custom cake cost prohibitive for the average consumer to afford on a regular basis.


If you find yourself unable to charge what you need to earn a decent living or your market will not pay what you need, then you should consider only making your product for pleasure.  Reserve your time and talent for family, friends or gifts.  Making cakes for no profit hurts the professional baker that has no other source of income.

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