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Cake for allergies!!

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Does anyone have a cake recipe for some one who cant have dairy, soy, gluten, or corn?
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stay away from cake.

I know I sound rude, but I don't understand people looking for cake recipes that make a cake not a cake any longer.

You sooooooo did not ask for my opinion but this is a subject that burns my craw because my children had MANY dietary restrictions growing up, including milk.

If you are diabetic: no sugar = no cake
can't eat gluten = no cake

my 2 sons couldn't eat red dye growing up - so nothing with red die which was a lot back then. I just taught them if you can't eat it - simply don't eat it - and don't look for substitutes. You can't eat it - accept it. Drive on. Life's too short.
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I must respectfully disagree with the above poster. I am a gluten free baker - having started my cake business before finding out I needed to stop eating gluten, I changed my entire business over to gluten free cakes and goodies - including many vegan and allergy friendly choices. There are lots of delicious options out there.

Can you give me an idea OP, are you needing a cake that stacks and can be decorated, or more of a dessert cake, like a flourless chocolate torte? Let me know what you're looking for and I'll see if I can help you out.
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I disagree respectfully as well...nothing wrong with baking a cake for a child who usually cannot eat cake!!!

I have a nephew allergic to wheat, eggs, soy, and nuts and mild dairy and if I lived closer, I'd really work on baking whatever I could for him!!! People with severe allergies go through a lot!
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OP, Here's one route you can take if you want to avoid buying a bunch of products (gf cakes take a few different flours to get your flavor and texture profile right, so you'll have to buy a few things you may not end up using up if you go the from scratch route). Namaste foods offers a vanilla cake mix, chocolate cake mix, and spice cake mix (which is easily made into a carrot cake).

I tried their spice cake mix made as a carrot cake before I attempted my own scratch cakes so I could compare mine with products on the market. It was quite good - good texture, lovely flavor, but baked up fairly flat (probably because of the lack of baking powder - most baking powders have corn starch in them).

I'd go this route if you're not a gluten free baker - partly because it'll save you buying the myriad of ingredients, and partly because you'll avoid cross contamination (i.e. if you've ever scooped a tbsp of another of your ingredients, like sugar, etc. after having used the same spoon for flour - the sugar, etc. would be contaminated. I encourage you to do some research on how to avoid cross contamination as it is extremely important in keeping a gluten/corn/etc. intolerant person safe and healthy. I know I react very severely to even trace amounts of gluten. So, clean everything very well ahead of time, wipe down your countertops, all parts of your mixer, re-wash your cake pans and get into the corners, use silicone spatulas (not wooden spoons as they can hold gluten in the crevices)....a.k.a. - super-clean everything icon_smile.gif There's lots of information online about baking safe allergy friendly foods - so research a little first so you keep your client safe.

It looks like Namaste also carries a frosting mix, but you can also make safe frosting just using crisco or palm oil, and subbing coconut milk or water for any milk. Do double check any flavorings (vanilla extract, etc.) to be sure they are safe.

I hope that helps!
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Also, don't sub margarine for butter in icing unless it's labeled dairy free...most margarines have some dairy/casein. Earth Balance buttery sticks do not have dairy, but probably have soy. I'd just use palm oil shortening to avoid hassle.
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Sounds a lot like me, I have to cut out so many foods it feels like there aren't many left.

If you like baking from scratch, this is a great recipe
I substituted the oranges for lemons.

Almond meal makes a beautiful cake and nut butters are beautiful. My daughter made me some almond cookies using almond meal and macadamia nut butter, they were honestly the best cookies I've ever had! Nut butters are easy to make yourself and there's videos on youtube to show you how.

The reason there are substitutes is so that everyone can enjoy all foods, so please make them a cake icon_smile.gif
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I know what you mean icon_smile.gif We're gluten free, my husband is dairy free, pork free, and tomato free right now lol.

That recipe looks lovely! OP would just need to buy special corn-free baking powder (they do make it - it has potato starch instead of corn starch). I bet you can find it online.
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oops.. knew I forgot something.. it's so hot here, not thinking icon_smile.gif

Gluten Free Homemade Baking Powder

Cream of tartar:2 parts

Baking Soda:1 part

potato flour :1 part

sift together keep in an airtight container keeps for 24months
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Awesome! Is it potato flour, or potato starch?
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we have potato flour in our health food shops..
I found this

Potato flour is made from cooked, dried, and ground potatoes. It is used as an ingredient in potato based recipes to enhance the potato flavor and is often mixed with other types of flour for baking breads and rolls. It is also used as a thickener for soups, gravies, and sauces. Potato flour is often confused with potato starch, but potato flour is produced from the entire dehydrated potato whereas potato starch is produced from the starch only

I made a cake with potato flour, and it was unbelievable, and I have absolutely no idea where that recipe could be, all I know is that I made it in 1994 lol
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I just looked up a couple recipes for the corn free baking powder - they all say potato starch (as opposed to potato flour) ....I think the flour would be much too heavy for that purpose.

I'll have to try your above recipe....I bought 25 pounds of almond flour a while ago and need to use it up! I think I've only used a third of it!
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Maybe they work the same in the baking powder?

make some cookies too, my 16 yr old daughter was baking choc chip cookies (i'm not allowed chocolate either) she didn't want me to miss out, so she came up with a recipe for some cookies and wow, honestly try some macadamia nut butter as a dairy/soy substitute, it's amazing!
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Just thinking about confectioner's sugar usually has cornstarch in it. I'd buy the Namaste mix to make that easy too....unless you can make your own powdered sugar with another kind of starch
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not sure about that one because we have packets of 'pure icing sugar' which is powdered sugar but nothing added. Easy enough to make, just blend sugar til suuuuuper fine

Oh no I just realised that I can't have IMBC anymore (the food thing has only been a month) I think i'll go cry now icon_sad.gif
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