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[quote="scp1127"]google it, it is everywhere. I'm just a slow typist or I would do it.[/quote]
k will do.icon_smile.gif
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[quote="graciesj"][quote="scp1127"]google it, it is everywhere. I'm just a slow typist or I would do it.[/quote]
k will do.icon_smile.gif[/quote]

just read iticon_sad.gif pretty sad. I think he should hire a business partnericon_smile.gif))))
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graciesj...someone else mentioned this too...but, I add 2 additional TBSP cocoa to the it more flavor.
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After dinner tonight I'll be here writing everything down. Thank-you for reminding me.Cannot waiticon_smile.gif
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Okay I'm on my way...It's baking time
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Okay ladies and gents I made the cake. Now what I wish I knew earlier was that U should mix the batter with the whisk tool instead of the the one u use for erg' cakes and such. I haven't heard anything back from the customer, yet, so not sure how they liked it. but I can tell you that I baked 2 batters in a 9x13 square pan and they came out a little dryer that I would've thought. Now all the videos I watch had baked RD cake in 8 or 9" round pans. Would changing the batter size and pan make any difference? Or am I wrong? thxgracie
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graciesj, don't worry, I don't think that cake can get dry.
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Aww thank-you, I'm always worried you know. especially when I've never done one before. Just like today I received an order for a cake with chocolate mousse. I've never made one before. I'm telling ya' this business is keeping me on my toes. And yes I love it. thanks darlin'gracie
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graciesj, I froze mine for a few hours the first time I made it like I learned on CC for moisture. Well, that cake did not benefit from it. Because it was already so moist, it didn't need any help. It was completely devoured, but I would have liked a little less moisture. And I try to push my cakes to the limit of moist.
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Oh yes, that's what I did. So maybe that's y I didn't think it came like I thought. ahhhhhh you're so smart.btw I just a chocolate mousse recipe.icon_smile.gif))))
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Then I'm sure it was ok!
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I made Cakeman Raven's recipe last night. This was my first time making any kind of Red Velvet cake at all. It seems to have turned out ok. Didn't have any extra scraps to taste though. My problem was the recipe said to fill 3 9" round pans (1 1/2" deep). I used 8" square (2"deep) instead but I didn't even have enough batter to make two layers. Does that seem right?

I'm going to bake another batch tonight so I can get the height I need. Then at least I'll have some extra to taste. Not good to make a new recipe and not even be able to taste it before giving it away.
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I noted on my recipe (I'm a fanatic note-taker) that it makes slightly less than other recipes. Two eights can be torted and you won't have to increase the recipe. But those are rounds and a square pan will be larger.
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Okay, this is a little different Hope anyone can help.
I always use cakeman Raven recipe but cant find buttermilk.
What can I substitute the buttermilk with ?
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Use just under 1 cup of milk and add 1Tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice.
Let stand for 5min or so....
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