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Thank you Theresa for your helpful posts. Yes, I can also taste the difference between real chocolate and candy melts. I was hoping that someone had invented a not-so-temperature-sensitive chocolate and I just hadn't heard of it yet. No such luck!

Pastryqueen9, I tried dipping some cookies in ganache (for a half chocolate, half white look) and it wasn't good! While ganache sets up well enough to frost a cake with, it is not firm enough for something you will touch or pick up with your fingers. It remained slightly tacky to the touch and made a mess on the display platter.

Back to tempering practice for me!
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I had to do a doubletake at your screenname - there's a chocolatier/pastry chef I know of in Canada named Kerry Beal.

You're quite welcome.

No, they haven't invented a temper-free chocolate yet. And after experiencing, first hand, what the effects of sugar-free chocolates are, I would hesitate to try a chocolate that has temper-proofing stabilizers in it.

In case anyone is wondering, sugar-free chocolates that are made with artificial sweeteners can cause lower gastric distress.

That is all.

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Wow! Great information....Thanks Theresa! thumbs_up.gificon_biggrin.gif
100% sugar addict!
100% sugar addict!
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