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Cupcake Bouquet Pricing

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I'm not sure what to charge for a bouquet that has 6cupcakes. I added up my material list and that consist of $23.00. Now what would you charge for labor? Any suggestions/help would greatly be appreciated!! icon_biggrin.gif
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$23 for 6 cupcakes?!?!?!?!

Is your flour made from ground gold??? lol

It all depends on how long you take to make it and how much YOU want to make
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Not just 6 cupcakes. Their in a pot, thats painted, has tissue paper and all detail that goes into it. The material cost money and then I cut some of that in half. Just was wondering what someone may charge for it.
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I am just saying your costs seem high, in MY area I wouldnt sell them at all cuz I wouldnt be able to get over $23 for that.
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I always wonder the same much do people charge for labor?? It seems that when you ask the question "what to charge", everyone always says the same thing......figure out your cost for materials & your time. WELL, that really doesn't tell me anything. I know you have to figure in your materials & time. But after you figure your time that's when some of us get stuck....(how much do you charge for your time?) I know prices differ depending on your area, but can't anyone just give a $number for cupcake labor? Its just a guide for people that are new, not something that carved in stone.
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KsCakes....I know how you feel. People in MY area would totally buy these bouquets. When you spend so much time on them shouldnt you get paid for your time? I've looked around and so far people are charging for 12cupcakes about $35-$40. And then lower it for 6cupcakes. I went online to some site and shes selling hers for $60 or more. So people do buy these. Its like a flower arrangement, people spend alot of money on those and they die. So people who really want these will spend the money on them as well. And I was thinking, you can always start out low and then raise prices. So thats what I'm thinking of doing. icon_smile.gif
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I agree..if people want it they will pay for it. Its just very frustrating when your trying to figure out pricing when you have no idea what the going rate is for your labor. I know their is a baker in my area that gets $3 & up for decorated cupcakes & supposedly that's the going rate, but she is experienced. I recently did 4 cupcakes w/ very detailed fondant characters on them & it took me over 4 hours (I actually lost track) just for the characters, not counting baking time. So the big question is what are they worth?? If I charged $20 that would be less than $5/ hour for labor, not counting supplies......ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Isn't your time worth more than that? Thank God I enjoy doing it. Would LOVE to hear some other peoples prices for cupcakes.
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IMO yu need to lower your costs first. Get containers at dollar stores and find ways to cut that first. I make a LOT of cupcake bouquets and it costa me less than $5 to make a bouquet with 7 standard cupcakes in it, and approx. 1 hr from start to finish, including baking time! I charge $15 for that size bouquet in a pot with tissue paper and a ribbon. I charge about the same for a bouquet of mini cupcakes (about 13 of them in the container) costs are lower for the minis but the labor is higher. If you break down my pricing you will see that my costs are covered and I have made about $10 profit for 1 hr. of work!

ingrdients ------
-(1/4 of cake batter) = $1.25
-cupcake liners (7) = $.14
-clay pot or other dec. container = $1.07 (w/ tax)
-4 sheets of tissue paper =$.25
-1 foot of ribbon = $.25
-icing for 6 cupcakes ( 2 cups approx.) = $.66
-bakery box for delivery = $.55

that's only $4.17 I have a little more leeway on containers if I want or with the ribbon. You are spending way too much money putting the containers together
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God's Word will either keep you from sin;
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Thread Starter thats cheap. I didnt break it down like that. I broke it down buy dividing my ingredients in half. I . How do you put your tissue paper in? I guess Ill have to refigure out my pricing and see what I come up with. Thanks for your input! icon_smile.gif
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KHalstead....what do you use to put your cupcakes in? I use a styrofoam ball and those are not cheap. Plus I weight the pot down. Maybe I'm overthinking this too much lol.
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KHalstead That's exactly what I was trying to say but it came out wrong.

jrukes2426, you need to break down EVERYTHING before you start selling, or else your not going to know your actual costs/profit no matter how much you charge
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What to charge for labour? Not as complicated as you may think - what minimum wage where you live? The more skilled or specialist or designer or whatever you are or feel you are the more you can add on. (and if you are slow, is it fair to charge your full price per hour, should you do some free or half price labour or give a new design discount.... More to think about!)
It's a mistake to start low - it's more difficult to up your prices later. Means you will lose your 'cheap' customer base, and have to start again to get your 'premium' customer base built up.
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It is hard to get an exact price on what to charge for cupcake bouquets. However, this is a basket I did for someone and I charged $55. I have now realized that it really was severely under priced.......LOL It is 48 cupcakes.

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I'd like to see it Tanesa. The ones in my area are going from 35-40. So why would I want to charge so little. Theres so much detail. Not to mention, you have to put it all together.
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It took several tries but I was able to put a link to the picture in the original message. Geez!
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