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Wilton Castle Cake

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I have to know, there HAS to be a way for me to make a wilton castle cake sturdy enough to deliever!!! I have made one once before, and let me tell you, it was a NIGHTMARE trying to keep all the towers from toppling over!! Has anyone successfully delivered one of these cakes with no problems? If so, HOW IN THIS WORLD DID YOU DO IT!?!?! I have had 3 requests for the castle cake since making my first one, I want to do them, they are so cute, but the devil to try and deliver!!!
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I made one a couple years ago. My Hubby drilled a hole in the towers so I could put a long 1/4 in. dowel down through the middle and down through the cake. We had a one hour drive to my son's house. I didn't put the cone tops on the towers til we got there and they hid the top of the dowels.
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I so know how you feel. I'm making one next weekend and I was beyond frustrated trying to figure it out. I told my DH about it and he find a solution online in like 2 minutes. I usually go to the internet for everything but oh not this time. Anyway, in the video, the gal attached wooden dowels with a hot glue gun to the bottom of the turrets. The turrets that do not stick into the cake, she hot glued some smaller wooden dowels to the side of the towers. It seemed like it would work. The gal in the video said that she has tried the candy melts and that they were absolutely useless to her. Good luck and let me know if it works if you decide to try this method.
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Hmm, good ideas, but I am still scared about hot glueing the dowels to the turrets....I will figure something out. Whaat about the RKT method of making castle cakes? Are they any easier to move around or they just as much of a nightmare? Oh and I now I am not the one delivering the cake, she wants to get it the night before her party, so all set up here!
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I tried drilling the bottom and inserting a dowel in the hole but they were still a little wobbly so i just put the turrets on site. I made it as a gift for my friend so I had plenty of time to set it up.
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I always use ice cream cones (both types) and have not had a problem with them staying together- a little RI on the mmf and they're good to go. I also like that they're all edible as opposed to the plastic kit (no worry about getting the pieces back!).
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I made wilton castle cake once (picture in my gallery). I glued the plastic dowel to the bottom of the turrets using white chocolate candy melts. I covered the cake with fondant, so I tinted the candy melts with the same color. When I attached the turrets to the cake, I glued the bottom and the side of the turrets with candy melts. Very sturdy, the cake traveled with no problem.
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I saw on "Faboulus Cakes" on TLC, the girls used PVC pipes and stuffed the RKT in there to mold them to shape. I like that idea because it keeps the towers light, and I can actually stick dowels threw the towers, securing them to the cake even more, then cover my lil holes with more BC. Even though shes wants a BC cake, I may go ahead and add some fondant accents just give it a more whimsical feel, without having to have all that left over fondant that kids won't eat!! Maybe the tops of the towers (you know the little ledge I guess you call it?" and a few random bricks in fondant? Its not until March, but I am so OCD about planning out these cakes and thinking about every possible thing that I can do, and that could and would go wrong so it can be fixed before the cake is even built! LOVE DECORATING!!
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