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Red Fondant Troubles!

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I need help! What is the easiest way to make true RED fondant? I'm looking for Elmo red. I need EXACT instructions and amounts of color per batch of mm fondant please.

Thank You!!
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sorry dont have exact instructions, i just know that in order for it to deepen its color it has to sit overnight. then if thats not deep enough shade add more, knead it again, and let it sit again to deepen. sorry i cant be of more help.
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Red red, Christmas red, No taste red? Which works best?
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I read this blog not to long back and she seems to have a great idea for true red fondant. I hope this helps. It's a great blog.
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LOVE the blog! It's great! Thanks so much!! Can't wait to try the JELLO method icon_smile.gif
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The candymelts coloring by Angela works great.

As red as you can get it.
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LOL - when it comes to red and black I am a total cheater - pre-colored Satin Ice all the way! Not only for the perfect color - no died hands!
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LOL trying!! me too. i definately use premade for red and black!!
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me three on the SI red & black...
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When using candy melts which seems to do a great job, does the candy melt hardens in the fondant once cooled?
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Originally Posted by cats28

When using candy melts which seems to do a great job, does the candy melt hardens in the fondant once cooled?

When using candy melts, the fondants works the same way as regular fondant or MMF - if you wrap it up, it'll stay soft, if you let it sit out unwrapped, it'll get a little hard just like regular fondant or MMF. The only difference I've noticed is that the candy melts MMF is a little more pliable and stretchier than without. I've let it sit for about 5 mins once rolled out before putting it over a cake and haven't had any problems with it. Love the taste and texture!
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Making MMF or other homemade fondants a deep red or black is A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE!!!! Putting in so much color messes with the consistency and in my experience, it falls apart 95% of the time! Order Satin Ice red and black fondant. Great taste and consistency and beautiful rich color. I always order 40lbs of white, and 10lbs of the black and 10lbs of red. It stay good for up to a year, so you don't have to try to use it all in one cake! I think global sugar arts(something like that) sells it.
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I have to say, it costs a little more, but I get pre-made Duff's red and black at Michael's with the 50% off coupon because it's Fondarific brand and it tastes better than SI in my opinion. I think it's also a bit more workable than SI. With the coupon, it ends up being $5 per lb. Not cheap, but well worth it considering the hassle of making your own and there's no shipping charge or waiting.
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I was about to type "me, too" and saw that I was a bit too late.. Then I saw the "me, three".. oh well... I'm guilty too of cheating when it comes to red & black. I buy premade for those two colors, other than that, Michele Foster's is the way to go for me.
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Some people love the taste of MMF. Sometimes people live in countries where there is no other choice but to make your own, so it's useful to have alternatives. I'm in NYC so no problems for me, but my sister in Ecuador has either Wilton or home-made.

Mclaren, I just put about 10 fondant recipes in one spreadsheet so that I can compare them in terms of ingredients and procedures and to make my choice on what to use. It's down to Toba Garrett's and Michelle Foster's. I notice that Michele Foster's has dairy on it. Do you have to keep it in the refrigerator because of that? It scares me a little that it could spoil.
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