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chocolate chips sinking help please

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Hi, does anyone know how to stop chocolate chips/chunks from sinking to the bottom of my cupcake. I read somewhere that if you coat the chocolate in flour first before adding them to the batter, that this will stop the sinking problem. I tried this and it didn't work, please does anyone have any ideas how i can stop this from happening. Thankyou.
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sounds like you need to use a thicker batter. Or have you tried the mini chips?
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Yes i have tried small chocolate chips aswell, i will try and make a thicker batter and see if that does the trick. Thankyou for the help.
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Coat the chocolate chips lightly with flour, that help a lot!
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I used to make a chocolate chip pound cake and it called for about 1tsp of baking soda to keep the chips from sinking. Baking SODA not baking powder.....HTH
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Does your recipe call for a box of instant pudding? I make several cakes that I use chocolate chips in and add a box of pudding. Works every time. Just a note: chocolate chunks are heavier and still tend to fall to the bottom of the pan, but the minis and regular chips will "float" in the batter with pudding in the mix.
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Look Just toss them in Flour the fold them in the batter! That's all there is to it! thumbs_up.gif
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Thanks everyone for the advice, i will try again this weekend and let you know how i get on. Thanks once again.
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I fill my cupcakes with plain batter then sprinkle mini chips on top and swirl with a knife
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How about shaved chocolate in your recipe? A little more trouble.
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I use mini-morsel chocolate chips all the time in cakes and cupcakes and they work perfectly.

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