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Just launched my Cake Decorating Party Business & Websit

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It's been quite a learning experience, but I have finally completed my business plan, filed for licenses, dealt with the IRS (NO FUN) and designed my website. I'm going to be offering cake and cupcake decorating parties at customer's location (home, clubhouse, etc.). I'm marketing for Kids Birthday's and Girls' Night out.

Here's my website:
I used iWeb to design it and InMotion for hosting.

I've submitted my URL to Google, Bing, & Yahoo. I've made sure my titles reflect my business. Also, apparently, the more people who link to my site, the higher up I will be on Google search (I've read this can take weeks or months to happen). What a learning process. If any of you have any additional advice on how to get noticed in Google searches, I would really appreciate the tips icon_smile.gif.
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The website looks great! Your details are wonderful. Obviously you have put a ton of thought & work into the site. Congrats on the new venture! icon_biggrin.gif
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Your cakes are gorgeous, congrats on having great talent.

Your website is pretty good. As a home computer worker, I offer the following, take or leave as you see fit:

I suggest deleting some of the multiple exclamation points...most people get the excitement with only one exclamation point.

Kids Parties should be Kids' Parties, just as you did Ladies'.

On the Kids' Parties page, when you wrote about taking the mess home with you, your !! (if you insist on 2!) should be inside the ( ), not outside

In 2007, my then, 5 year old son=take out the commas after the 2007 and before the 5.

**will kids really pay attention to a 60 minute lesson?

Good luck, sounds like a good idea.
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Originally Posted by vtcake

In 2007, my then, 5 year old son=take out the commas after the 2007 and before the 5.

I prefer "In 2007, my (then) five-year-old son", but since you didn't ask for editing and proofreading help, I'd like to comment that your business name and phone number that has pink text really doesn't show up well on the colored (blue and green) backgrounds, but it's easy to read on the white background pages.
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This is a really specific question, but it can help a lot with your search engine results. When you put the large words in the blue box on each page (Cake decorating parties, kids party packages, etc) is that done in a design template, or are you telling the template that it's the title of the page?

The reason that I ask is that the search engines read the tab at the top of the page on the browser tab, and that counts a lot for your rankings in search results. If you're putting the title in separately then you can put in "cake decorating parties NC" or something more specific on every page, or at least put the NC on there. That shouldn't be the same as the text on the page, so I'm wondering if there's a way for you to change that.

To show you what I'm talking about, go to my website and hover the cursor over the tab at the top of the page. I've started every page title with "wedding cakes richmond va" then added the extra description of what that specific page is. That way the search engines will see "wedding cakes richmond" on each page, plus the extra. It isn't the same as the text on the page.
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Great Concept... Good Luck.
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I agree with the above poster about the grammar and exclamation points. Also, the pink lettering on the blue/green background almost hurts my eyes. If you really have your heart set on pink, maybe have it in bold typeface instead? I almost have to read it with peripheral vision and I don't even wear glasses icon_smile.gif You're obviously very talented and your concept seems fun!
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Hmm... 919.. That sounds familiar! My husband is from Pikeville, just north of Goldsboro. I grew up on the other side of NC. We'll be flying into RDU this Christmas. Good luck with your business. These days with busy parents I'm sure you'll get lots of business!

One question, though. Is there a reason you do not provide the cookies for the Girls' Night cookie party? If I were a busy mom who didn't bake for a living, I'm not sure I would have the time or knowledge to make perfectly flat cookies for decorating. And I've never had those Pillsbury sugar cookies to bake flat enough.

We will be having our fourth child next year. It's great to see we are not the only crazy ones. When people ask why so many kids, I just say, "We're from the South!" Hahaha.. I can use that excuse for anything..



Proud Development Rep & Sponsor of Virginia for Icing Smiles!




Proud Development Rep & Sponsor of Virginia for Icing Smiles!

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You'll want to work on making your branding more prominent on the site. As it stands, you only mention your company name on the site in small pink text on a teal or green background, which some people may have difficulty reading.

A well-designed logo might help.
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Thank you guys so much for the advice. I really appreciate you all taking the time to check over things for me. I will take another look at my website from a Windows based PC. The pink contrasts nicely on my Mac, which is what I used to build the site. It sounds like the colors may not be showing up the same when viewed from a PC. I'll have to play with that a bit.

I deleted many of my exclamation points (I guess I am just really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - pun intended.

The 60 minutes is allotted for the entire activity, setting the kids up, teaching them some techniques, letting them decorate and package their cupcakes. I've taught cupcake classes at a craft store and had a hard time getting them to finish in 2 hrs (for 8 cupcakes). I'll bring along some freezer paper to let them play with icing just in case they run out of cupcakes to decorate.

Kara, I'm so not tech savvy it is pathetic. I do type my titles directly into the text box on the page layout. I'm not sure how to edit the tab, but I will make a note to research that and fix it (hopefully). Thank you for pointing that out. Right now, my website only comes up if I search for my URL, but not any other search.

Navyempress: Congrats on #4. Its busy, but we love it. We are actually from NY, so the Southern excuse doesn't work for us, I just have some fun and tell 'em I got DH tipsy 4 x's. 2 kids were born in NY, 2 here. RDU is just down the road. We love it here. I've done the cookie decorating gathering for friends and they all wanted to learn to bake and were thrilled when I shared a recipe & baking tips, the came with the cookies ready to decorate and were begging me to do it more often. That is actually when the first seed was planted for this, then finalized when I worked with DS's class.

Again, thank you all so much for taking your time to help me. The more eyes looking at this, the better.
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Jasonkraft, do you recommend hiring a logo designer or is there a trick to DIY?
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If you don't have graphic design experience, I would definitely recommend hiring a designer. There are several services available on the web that can help (google "logo design services"). You could also check local colleges and trade schools to see if they have graphic design programs, a student who knows Photoshop well can easily put together a logo based on your specs (a basic mockup on paper would help).

Once you have your logo, you can use it to brand flyers, invoices, boxes, etc. in addition to the web site. To simplify matters I would stick with a black and white logo, it can be layered on a color background on the web site (or any other medium where color is easy).
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Thank you, jasonkraft. I'll have to put that on my wish list until I can fit it into my budget. Start up costs really add up quickly.
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oooh i've got lots of cousins in Cary! i'll have to mention you to them.

try to use only 1 or 2 fonts in your entire site. limit yourself when you decide which should be bold, different sizes, or different colors. it will help make your site look much more cohesive and consistent.
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Metria, thanks so much for the referral, I greatly appreciate it. Small world. I'm working on the fonts a bit more. Have DH's PC side by side with my Mac, trying to get things uniform on both. It's amazing (and incredibly frustrating) how different they look on each.
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