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Your cake was super cute. Sorry that happened, and I hope your next one goes smoothly. icon_smile.gif
Check out my cake blog at:
Check out my cake blog at:
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Your design was adorable! TT is challenging, but so fun! You can do it icon_biggrin.gif
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Firstly I admire your desire to try - lets just say, I havent found the guts or the patience as of yet. Heaven knows I would like to try, but I really dont understand it very well and no one has asked. Until then, I will continue to learn from nice people on here the do's and the dont's! icon_smile.gif

Sorry that you had a bad experience, but again good for you for trying and putting in 100+ percent!

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Did you let the cake settle at least 24 hours after filling it? Sharon Zambito has a wonderful DVD dedicated to the TT design. She uses ganaches under the fondant instead of BC for more support also. Your cake was cute and wasn't what I wasn't a total disaster! thumbs_up.gif
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It was so cute! I think it was great! So sorry it fell!
Wondering...did you put a lot of supports between the two tiers? I think that would have kept the bottom from squishing over.
Although I definitely understand.... I used tons of support between each tier and a dowel down all three tiers, and while it never took a complete dive, it continued to lean a little bit more all the time before it was finally cut up. (I've only done one topsy turvy so far.)
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So sorry that happened to you! It's always a huge bummer when you put your heart & soul into a cake and then SPLAT! It crashes!! : )

I noticed in your post that you said the cake kept sliding... did you put the second tier on top of the first tier that was cut at an angle? Just wondering because I made my first topsy turvey cake a few weeks ago - I followed the tutorial on CC, and the best way to do them (so I've read anyway...) is to cut your tier at an angle, and then cut a circle out of that tier, big enough for the next tier to fit into. Make it flat so the tier sits flat inside that cut out circle. As long as you use cake rounds under each tier, and dowels for support it should be just fine icon_smile.gif

I think you can find the tutorial under the ARTICLES section here on CC, I just searched for Topsy & it came right up!

HTH! thumbs_up.gif
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