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How to make baby blocks?

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Hello Everyone,

I have an order for a baby shower cake in February. She wants a two tiered cake and then wants the baby's name in baby blocks surrounding the cake. How do you make mini baby blocks? Thanks for you advice in advance. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. icon_biggrin.gif
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I would make an extra cake to cut the squares, equal on all sides then pipe a small amount of icing on them, then cover them in Marshmallow Fondant. Do each side a different color & trim like real blocks are. Get a set of small letter cutouts if you don't already have one. Wilton carries the perfect size letters for that type of project. Good luck. icon_smile.gif
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It is quite interesting that I was watching a video on youtube last night about the exact same thing! It was compiled by "inspired by michelle" and you can find it if you search for something like 'inspired by michelle blocks'. They are made out of fondant. I have tried adding a picture of the blocks, but I can't seem to get it to stick.

Hope this helps.
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Oh and here's the one BecL mentioned:
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I built some out of dried gumpaste squares,6 per block and glued them together with white chocolate .
Having made them from cake,rkt and fondant this was the easiest and cleanest way.
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Thanks FlourPots - that's the one. This would probably be the way I would go about doing it as it seems quick (aside from the drying), but it might cost a little more because of the amount of fonddnt you are using - especially if you have a long name to do!
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Thank you everyone. I am watching the videos now and think I will use one of these methods. Oooh and i love the picture of the cake above. GORGEOUS!!!

Well I hope mine come out just as pretty.
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