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Cake Shooters

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Well, for those of you were interested in cake shooters I finally made them and let me tell you even though they were a big at the party they are a big pain to make.

My trouble began when trying to find a holder for the shooters. I know you can buy one for about $25.00 that holds 18 shooters but since this was my first time making them I did not want to spend the money on that. So I came up with a flower pot and green foam as a base holder and arranged the shooters to look like flowers.

Next was the hard part filling the shooters. It was almost near impossible to get the right thickness of cake so when they were cut out with a cookie cutter they would not be to thin or to thick and the cake needed to be cooked longer so the cake was not to soft and not to hard to when using the cookie cutter.

After all of this I tried several cookie cutters trying to find the right size so that the cake would cover the edges once placed in the shooter. Found a close size but not exact, after all of this I finally was able to decorate. That went smoothly, however I will never make cake shooters again, I will consider using moose's and berries in them.
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do you have a pic of them
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They are adorable, but look like a massive amount of work! Nice job!! thumbs_up.gif
Kats Suite Cakes......Cakes "to live for"
Kats Suite Cakes......Cakes "to live for"
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Kamstor, would it have been easier to make a 1 inch high cake on a sheet pan and then cut the circles?

They look really nice, though! And yes, I don't think they were created to make cake shooters. They're really for refrigerated desserts.
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They look really cute!

On another thread about cake shooters, someone had suggested using one of the "shooter" thingies to cut the cake, which I thought was a really good idea!
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Where can you buy the holder for them?
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What is a "cake shooter", By the looks of the pic it looks like maybe the plastic shooter injects cake into your mouth (?) They do look cute but I understand about the PITA multi-step-cake projects- I stopped doing cake balls and pops last month- too much labor and everyone thought that since they're small and bite size it should have a "small and bite-size" price.
"I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So I got a cake." Mitch Hedberg
"I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So I got a cake." Mitch Hedberg
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when I made mine, I made mini cupcakes and split them in half. they fit down in the tube really well.
as far as a holder, I was put off by the cost as well. I ended up getting some plastic ice cream cone holders from a restaurant supply store. They were cheaper, and I only bought enough to display 8 at a time at a craft fair. I don't transport them standing up, and they still work out fine.
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Is that like a pushup popsicle or something?

Seems like you could just push the plastic thing into a thin cake layer...then icing...then press it back into cake...and the pressure of pushing it into the cake, etc, would fill it to the end after you had enough layers...?

Then just wipe the outside edge clean.

Where do you get those plastic things?
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I did cake shooters for my son's Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. I used a cookie cutter about the same size as the tube and a mini rolling pin to push the cake down. Once I got the hang of it, all went smoothly. As a holder I bought a large piece of stryofoam and stuck them in it to. The high school age kids loved them. They were the first to sell out at the fundraiser.
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So where do you buy these containers? It's a really fun idea. thumbs_up.gif
Check out my blog!!
My goal is to bake 101 different cupcakes
Check out my blog!!
My goal is to bake 101 different cupcakes
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hi! to get the containers, check out bake deco dot com or pastry chef dot com. I think wasserstrom dot com has the smaller ones, too.
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I know, it would have been fun to send to my kids' school for thanksgiving...
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Hello Everyone,

I appreciate all of the replies and am feeling a little bit better about trying these again at Christmas time.

Blissfulbaker: I am glad your shooters were a hit. Mine were too, however I am a perfectionist and I could not get mine to touch the sides I did not like them.

Kitagrl: I did try your suggestion, however it did not seem to work. Not sure if the cake was to soft. My cake was very moist and seemed like the top layer was a little gummy. So when I tried to push the plastic top into the cake it just stuck and did not come out even.

MariaK38: I like your suggestion of making them in mini cupcake pans, I may give that a try. When you transported your they were laying down?

Pood: Your cake shooters are AWESOME nice job!!!!! What are you using for a stand?

Imagenthatnj: I think I will try them again but all make some for refrigerated desserts as well.

Tiawanna02: If you would like to see a picture I have them under my photos.

For the rest of ladies I order my shooters through I know MariaK38 listed some other websites that carry them as well.
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yes, they were laying down in a plastic box. my cupcakes don't touch the sides all the time (sometimes the tops do as they kind of "spread out"), but I made them more secure by piping the frosting around the outside of the cupcake, touching the side of the container. when I transported them, I didn't notice much movement. If there was some, it went back to normal once I stood them up.
Good luck to you for the next time you do them.
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