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Hi!! I saw some cakes with rock candy decoration and I liked...somebody how can I make that!! would you give me the recipe pleaseeee!!

Hola!! vi unos pasteles decorados con algo que llaman rock candy y me gusto mucho no lo habia visto me podrian dar la receta o como se hace? Muchas gracias. Saludos
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thank you!!!!!
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I've done it by mixing one part water to 2 parts sugar. you boil it and then put it into a tall glass with string dangling into it. leave for several days and do not disturb. hope this helps!
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Hi!!! wich is the temperature exact to use the sugar??? I cant do it...please help. Thank you
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You just boil the water until the sugar is dissolved. then tranfer it to a glass container. Dip the string in sugar so the crystals have something to "grab"to and dont disturbe it, the size depends on how long you leave it. There are good video tutorials in youtube that actually show you the process. Hope it helps
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