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BonJoviBabe -- thanks for the heads up about the currency!

If you have a support question, please email me directly at or, better yet, go to our support bulletin board at and ask. If I'm not available, someone else will probably have the answer!

I've had a lot of Beta requests this morning, and Tuesdays are really busy for me, so please bear with me and I promise to get back to you by this evening. I hate how life gets in the way of my cake stuff!! icon_biggrin.gif
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I can't wait to try this program! Sounds fantastic!!!

While we are on the subjest, does anyone know of a program that helps plan out decorations on a cake??? I can't draw for nothing and would love to be able 'draw' up something for customers to get a visual of what my idea is...(make sense???)
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would love to learn more.
Debi Ashwood
Debi Ashwood
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I feel your pain on that one. I emailed you earlier today I can't wait to try it out. I've been doing everything in Excel which works good but nothing like a GUI. Thank You I'll be hoping to see it tonight or tommorrow. Thank You Again.
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I"m with you lilsis that would be a great program also. I've just signed up for beta testing and am anxiously awaiting Kelley's reply. Thanks to Kelley and Jon for all their hard work and dedication.
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I just emailed Kelley. This program sounds great, I can't wait to try it!!
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OMG!! I can't believe I didn't know about this earlier. I've emailed Kelley and am anxiously awaiting! My spiral notebook lacks the business flair that I need to keep track of who, what, where, when, and why, and especially how much!!!! My husband will be so happy that I am going to be using this program. He's been after me for a bit to be better organized about my cost.

I really hope this is what I have been looking for!

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This program looks amazing. I probably don't make enough cakes right now to need it, but I'm hoping as I progress and start making more cakes that I will need it. I would definitely buy it. It looks great!
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Regarding pricing:

When CakeBoss is released to the public, it will be available by subscription of $5.50/month or you can save 10% and pay $60/year. There are several reasons why we believe our users will benefit from the subscription plan:

-  No large up-front purchase
-  As long as you are a subscriber of CakeBoss you will always have the most current version of the program! With some other software programs, you may spend a large amount for this years version, then next year the better version comes out and you are required to re-purchase the entire program to get the upgrades. Because CakeBoss is a brand-new product, and the only one of its kind, we envision that our users will have many requests for upgrades and improvements. We promise to release at least one upgrade per quarter. The most-requested feature is always the feature we will release. You will never have to wait a year or more for a batch of improvements. We will be maintaining the user bulletin board and constantly soliciting our users for ways to improve CakeBoss. Our goal is for CakeBoss to be the perfect tool for the cake business.

All our Beta users will receive their first month of CakeBoss free. Our top 5 Beta users (based on usage and feedback given) will receive their first YEAR free!

As always, if you have any questions, please email me at We want to thank everyone who is already a Beta Tester for putting up with the bugs and installation issues. Finding these problems is why the Beta period is so important!
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Wow! What a wonderful idea and exciting product.

I really like the feature for the recipe and how you can price each ingredient out. Excellent!

Looking forward to becoming a user!
Cut And Keep Eating!, LLC
"After all, it's just cake!"
Cut And Keep Eating!, LLC
"After all, it's just cake!"
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I'm so disappointed with this right now ... actually, I'm probably more disappointed with my computer than the program itself, since I am having a lot of trouble downloading it and it is taking a LOT of time with no results. Problem is, I have not had opportunity to e-mail my troubles to CakeBoss ... I keep reading here about all the great features and am excited to use it, if I can get it installed and it works for me.

The Client doesn't generally understand the creative process we go through to make them a gorgeous confection ... it really IS more than "just" butter, eggs, and flour!
The Client doesn't generally understand the creative process we go through to make them a gorgeous confection ... it really IS more than "just" butter, eggs, and flour!
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I am so sorry to hear you are having problems. Please email me at and we will work with you to solve the problelm. Our goal is a successful installation for every user!
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I too am having some serious issues installing this thing. I do not use IE but did switch for the download. It is not working for my desktop at all. I updated my windows blah blah blah but it still says I do not have all components downloaded!!!!?!?!?!? I'm getting very frustrated!

I was able to get it done on my lap top but still in order to open it I have to have IE as my default browser to use it. It also tells me that cakeboss does not have a trusted something or rather so I have to okay my computer to open the file.

Not a smooth process by any means for me. Taking a screenshot of my problem messages isn't as easy as requested!

The program looks like it will be very helpful to me but it's just not a smooth process to get it open on my laptop!

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I have to say that the tech support offered by Jon, Kelley's husband, was excellent!!! I was having troubles installing the program and I posted on their message board as well as added Jon to my MSN messenger and he walked me thru as much as he could and then I allowed him to connect to my computer so he could watch what was happening first hand and then he asked permission to connect and work from my system which was granted and at which time he found out that since I downloaded Opera browser a while back when IE had issues and wouldn't work, I never assigned IE as my default again. Once he fixed this everything I was having problems with even outside of CakeBoss works again. I love tech support that actually fixes things lol.

I was wondering, I am on a laptop currently but have a desktop system in storage, which will be my primary computer once we move in a few months. Am I going to be able to have CakeBoss on BOTH systems without paying twice? Some of the programs I have purchased won't work on more then one system without purchasing an additional product Key so I was wondering if I could use the same product key on both computers with paid subscription? Also the pricing is excellent! When I think about other programs I use on an almost daily bases, my Office pack for example cost me over $150.~ and is constantly updating and telling me I need to repurchase this and that to get the newest upgrades so to have Word and Publisher and Excell I paid hefty for it so $60.~ a year ain't bad icon_wink.gif But my question.... I plan on paying at tax time, or whenever it is available for paying, will my renewal date be the same exact date every year after this or will it expire on January 1st of the following year? Thanks in advance. icon_smile.gif
Happy Cakin! ~*~Becky~*~
Happy Cakin! ~*~Becky~*~
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Again, we apologize to anyone who is having installation issues. Please email me directly or post on the bulletin board at so we can deal with every problem individually.
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