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Sugar ice cubes???

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I tried searching a few times but came up empty. Then I started thinking that maybe I don't know the proper name??? I'm making a beer keg/cooler cake, with beer bottles on top. (Bottles have been sterilized and no, I'm not attempting sugar bottles) ANYWAYS... How do I make the 'pretend' ice. Is it a poured sugar thing? What's the recipe? What do I do? Please help! I'm considering making gelatin cubes if I can't figure the other out, they'll just taste gross, hahah.

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Using regular sugar turns a little yellow. If you want clear sugar cubes, use Isomalt. I made some Kryptonite for a Superman cake and have the sugar glass recipe on there:

If you do make the gelatin, flavor it with clear flavorings such as lemon, coconut, clear vanilla, etc. Plain gelatin does taste awful!

Here's a previous post about the same thing:
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Thanks Angela. I can't seem to find Isomalt Is it a specialty product? I'm from a small city in Eastern Canada. The cake is for shipping is out of the question.

I've also read about bringing the sugar to a soft crack stage and letting it set longer. I may try that.
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Yes, it's a specialty product. I have the one made by CK Products that I bought at a cake supply store.

You'll get a light yellow tint when using regular sugar but it works...just take your time and don't rush the heating super careful to not burn yourself.

Good luck!
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try rock candy. that looks like ice.
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Thanks Angela, I'll have to look at ordering it for future use. I'm not too concerned about the yellow tint.
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