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Usually 2 to 1 ratio (3 to 1 for White Chocolate)
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I was just watching the video from Sugared productions called Flawless Fondant (I got it at my local library!). The first thing she is showing is how the cake bulged out even though she did a dam and everything right. So she shows how to trim it away.

I thought of you. It seems that sometimes no matter how "right" we do it, it can still bulge. So if this happens to you, trim it away.

And I can highly recommend this video. I'm adding it to my Christmas list.
I am no longer active on CC.  They will not let me delete my account.
I am no longer active on CC.  They will not let me delete my account.
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It's funny that someone mentioned ganache because I'm trying that now for the first time with another cake.
The good news.. you guys were right, the customer didn't even notice the ripple. I was so tempted to say something about it, but I didn't.
Anyway, I do have all of Sharon Zambito's DVDs and they are excellent. I did EVERYTHING she told me to do EXCEPT the putting the cake in the freezer for 10 minutes before covering it with fondant, so think that must be it. I did use a very thick dam and my filling is just buttercream. I did let the cake settle for 12 hours and I did trim the sides of the cake as well. The were so straight before I put the fondant on! I have a picture of the cake before crumb coating and covering in fondant that I'll try to attach. Thanks for all the help everyone and Happy Caking! icon_smile.gif
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Could not get the picture to attach here in the forum (I never can, not sure what I'm doing wrong), so I added the picture of the naked cake (lol) with the Baptism cake in my photos. It looked so good before covering with bc and fondant. Oh well, I'm trying ganache now. icon_smile.gif
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Whenever I put something on top of my cakes to help gravity along, I end up with only a sliver of filling. It all comes out. I haven't tried the frosting dam thing yet, but I plan to for my husband's cake next week. I hope it will work.
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I had the same problem I followed all of Sharon's rules from her video except the freezing one and I got a little ripple too. You can't tell in my pic (my hello kitty cake) because I had an extra layer of fondnt over it on the decoration. But I couldn't figure out why you could still see the layers thru the fondant. I did the super stiff dam 1/2 inch in with a thin layer of raspberry filling. I let it settle for atleast 12 hours. I will have to freeze or refridgerate from now on and see how it goes.
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I've never used ganache but I've read where several of you have used it. I've looked at the recipes and it sounds simple enough (and yummy too) but I have a question that may sound dumb, but here goes. When you use the ganache, do you have to pour it over the cake or is it put on like buttercream? Would you ever use it under buttercream? I have a customer who wants a chocolate buttercream but that really limits my ability to decorate (she really doesn't want too much fondant) and I was thinking I could cover the cake in ganache first and then colored buttercream. Would that work?
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Ganache is really-really easy to use! You can do both, pour it on or make it the consistency of peanut butter and spread it on.

Mamawrobin has used ganache over buttercream, I have not tried it but if you are interested I can tell you how she said to do it.
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Karen421, I am definately interested in knowing how Mamawrobin did it. I just want extra chocolate flavoring for this client. Thanks for your help.
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I wish she would get her internet at her new house - I miss her on here! This is what she posted in another thread, I don't remember the thread, but I copied it - so I could have it handy:

From Mamawrobin:

Ganache Over Buttercream

24 ounces (2 12oz. pks) Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 cups heavy whipping cream
4 tablespoons real butter
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
Pour chocolate chips into glass or stainless steel bowl......
In saucepan bring heavy whipping cream, sugar and butter to full boil....immediately pour over chocolate...........allow to sit for 5 minutes
Stir until chocolate is completely melted and shiny and the cream is completely incorporated.
Allow to cool before covering with plastic wrap so the condensation doesn't form on the wrap and water doesn't get into your chocolate.
Let sit overnight to thicken....spread on cake...and smooth using the hot knife method.
You may have to warm the ganache just a bit to get a better spreading consistency. That's why I use either a glass or stainless steel bowl so that I can boil a pot of water and sit my bowl down in it just to soften the chocolate enough to be able to soften it a bit for easier spreading. I just let it melt slightly and don't want it to be too soft.....spreadable but not too melty....LOL

To use milk chocolate or white chocolate you use a 3:1 ratio. But I do strongly suggest that you use semi sweet for the cake that you're making.
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Thanks Karen 421! I'm going to give it a try. icon_biggrin.gif
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