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Just to go back to contracts. Mine says something like, "Final payment is due 30 days prior to the event date. If the final payment is not received on time, the order may be cancelled at the discretion of Alison's Cakery, or will incur a $25 per day late fee. If order is cancelled due to late payment, all monies will be lost"

Once I added the per day late fee, I don't think anyone has paid late. I found that just having the date with no late fee, someone would pay late and I would still take the order. I never cancelled anyone, so basically I just kept calling or emailing them until they paid, then whats the point of having a date? I'm not trying to be a pain to anyone, but just make your payment on time.

Oh that's a great idea! What was your fee? Like $25 per day? You definitely earn that by having to hound the customer for their late payment....

So then when you do you have a cut off date where the customer no longer gets the cake?

Say...the payment would be due 2 weeks before the event.....$25 per day late...then 1 week before the event, no payment, no cake?