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Lots of people like Antonia's RI because it gets firm enough to package and stack cookies. However, it doesn't crack apart...sort of crunch like other recipes when you bite the cookie. It is easy to make & the only thing extra compared to the Wilton recipe is cream of tartar. Just in my experience...I have found that mixing flavors is really tasty. Like butter & vanilla. Or, almond & vanilla. Those two combo's are my favorite. Others have used coconut & peppermint. Those with a chocolate cut out cookie would be fabulous.

If you get to liking royal icing and want to try something else for icing to mix it up, you should try a marshmellow fondant recipe. Or, a chocolate marshmellow fondant recipe. Those icings are easy to make & are soft. I like those icings on cut outs because you can imprint designs, or even cut out embellishments for a layered look & they have sort of the same "chew" as a cookie. So, the texture is good.

There's tons of options. I think drakegore often uses modeling chocolate for her "add on" embellishments. Very neat techniques on here. Oh! - I believe she uses glace. That's yet another icing option. I'm not sure what the recipe is called here on CC or who it's by. But, glace will work sort of like royal icing. You won't be able to get super fine details from what I understand....but the taste is great and it's a softer icing than royal. Check out drakegore's designs if you haven't already...they are really superb. Those are the things that can be done with glace.

I started with Wilton Royal. I tried Antonia74's royal. I like it better than Wilton. I've also used MMF & chocolate MMF. I have yet to try glace. If your just starting - Antonia's is a great place to begin!
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I been playing around with my icing today and I just did another try with the same RI batch that didn't work before but this time just a small amount like I usually do, about 1/2 cup. I colored it red (americolor) I added water to used it to flow the cookie and it work. It still very humid out side, it's raining so I guess the weather wasn't affecting mine after all but the size of the batch that I was doing.

I was using about 3 cups of RI and coloring red all at the same time, may so much color and water added at the same time made the icing not to set? The cookies that I made three days ago are dry now and I can stack them but if I bite on one of them the icing will crumble all over, so I can sell them like that.

@ EvMarie, were you making a big batch of icing or was it small?
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Ohhhh, I was making a big batch. I used orange & turquoise when I had the problem. I used a whole 2 pound bag plus a cup or two. So, it was huge. Yup, used a lot of color too.

I forgot, I also made a batch of Wilton that didn't set up like normal a few weeks ago. I needed an extra day of drying & they were fine to package. But, not as firm as normal. I used a "load" of orange again. But, not near the issue like last time.

I've been using Wilton gel colors. I guess the americolor is better & then on top of that I guess there's ways to color icing better. For instance...for red, some people start with pink? And, then another color...then add red? And, the same for black. There's a progression that makes it easier to get the color you want & add less. I'm not well versed in that area. But, that's another tidbit of info for your arsenal.

I'm betting it's the amount of color. And, the humidity just added insult to injury. It's a bummer when these issues come up. Rips the rug out from under ya' for sure.
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There is a mention is this forum of a "chocolate" cut out cookie. Any suggestions for a nice tasting chocolate cookie?

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