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Alice in Wonderland

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Have you ever had a cake where everything you touched went badly? I was recently asked to do an Alice in Wonderland themed cake and I have never had a more difficult time making a cake. My roses wilted, my mad hatter was decapitated, my tree fell over and broke in half... definitely a Murphy's cake! I've felt sick about this cake for days...and then when my mad hatter literally lost his head this morning (getting red buttercream from his hair all over the place, making it look particularly gruesome), I had enough. I'm going to completely start over. I'm SO disappointed... icon_sad.gif
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I keep telling myself that when I have more experience, this will happen less often. It's disasters like these that keep my from going full-force with my business. I don't think there's enough consistency to my work yet to make sure the cake the client gets is perfect enough for them to justify the money spent.

However, it mystifies me why I can do things exactly the same way and the cake/fondant/frosting just won't cooperate. I haven't figured out how to fix that yet. Just last week, my fondant totally failed and in the end I just made an entire new batch. Anyone want a large batch of green fondant that hates me?
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Regardless of experience I think everyone has one of those days sooner or later.
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