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Problems getting feedback on cakes?

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I am in the lucky position that I bring most of my cakes to their destination and personally give them to the person they are for (because I'm not a professional just a hobbyist.) Recently I've been doing 2 cakes a week (october is a busy month) but how many cakes have i received feeback on? NONE!

No-one will cut my cakes at the party they are for. It seems to have become a thing here that the cake is for decorative purposes only and will be cut at a later date. Seriously?????????

I made a cake on the weekend for my nephew's christening, which everyone loved the look of, and I spent so much time baking ( 9 inch vanilla, 9inch chocolate devils food cake - built into a tall tier, then a 7 inch fruit cake) but they decided to take the cake home instead of cutting it. I was so disappointed. icon_sad.gif

I'm just starting out and trying new recipes and I need the feedback on taste texture...etc because they are the things I'm most unsure about.

Is this a new thing I hadnt heard of - why would you NOT cut cake????
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Actually, I think that is rather selfish on the part of the host to not cut a cake and serve to guests. I know that I did a specific van for a groom's cake - and he refused to cut it at the wedding. Of course, they had plenty of wedding cake.
Love cakes!!
Love cakes!!
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More than once, when it's a family gathering or a work event, someone has been dumb enough to say in front of me about it being "too pretty to cut", to which I quickly (and in my bossiest MOM voice!) tell them, "I didn't work that hard on a cake just so you bozo's could LOOK at it! Now either get it cut or give me the knife!"

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I would be disappointed, too, but I think they are actually going out of their way to compliment you on your decorating ability. I agree it's silly and the cake should be served, but I think their heart is in the right place.


All this cake, and I've gained too much weight. LOL! I am now....The Cake Runner!



All this cake, and I've gained too much weight. LOL! I am now....The Cake Runner!

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I've had to make the first cut on my last 4 cakes. I try to take it as a compliment but part of me wonders if perhaps there's something wrong with the taste? (They were for people who have had my cake before.)
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Are you close to any of these people that you could as k for honest feedback, ask them very candidly why and let them know if there is a problem with flavor, texture etc it is in your best interest to know so you can improve. I personally have never had that happen and typically I hear back from 95% of my cakes as to what their opinion was so I'm not sure what this means?
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as far as feedback ......

i pulled up my spreadsheet for 2008 and 2009. Over this 2 year period, i had over 200 bookings (cakes AND catering). I received emails or thank you notes from MAYBE 10% of them. MAYBE!!!

So if you do 25 cakes this month and if TWO of them let you know "nice cake", then you've done ok.

People just don't call the baker or caterer to rave over the cake/food very often. (Before you were a caker, did YOU ever drop a note to walmart or your local bakery to tell them the cake was ok? Odds are good most of us didn't.)

My bottom line on feedback is "no news is good news" because trust me ..... and everyone else who agrees with me ...... if there was a problem, they'd be calling you PRONTO!
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I think it's bizarre not to cut a cake at a party. I always look forward to the cake! But I am experiencing this no feedback issue myself. Normally I attend the events and get to watch everyone's reactions, (is it one bite and then the garbage or are they going back for seconds, etc.) But lately, I've been baking for friends where I am not there at the event. I hear nothing back! I asked a couple of them "how was the cake" and of course they are "oh it was wonderful...blah blah blah". And I wonder of course if they are saying that because I asked! I guess when you are a cake person you think of nothing but the cake. But for "other people" I suppose it's "just cake" and unless it really sucked they aren't going to say anything.

I agree it's very frustrating icon_sad.gif
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I've just been making cakes for about 10 months. I always get feedback through facebook. I think it's a really good way to see if people like my cakes. Honestly, before I started making cakes myself I can say that I NEVER called my cake baker and told her how great the cake was. I suggest getting on facebook to get plenty of comments.
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They may be trying to protect you, thinking it would be hard to see it cut or something like that. I would suggest that since these are friends, family or co-workers that the next time you volunteer to bring a cake for people close to you, tell them you would love to on two conditions, one is that they give you some feedback since you are trying new recipes. The second is that the cake must be cut. Then at the event you just take the inititive at the best time and say it is cake time, pick up and knife and ask who is cutting the cake. If no one steps forward then do it yourself. Then when you are handing out slices say you would like feedback on the icing or cake or design, or something, give them something specific to focus on, not just how do you like the cake which is too vague. Maybe if they are shy about it you could have some pieces of paper they could write their thoughts down on. If you present it as they are doing you a favor it might help out. Other than the paper idea, these are things I have done and have gotten specific feedback, and the cake cut this way. Another way to get feedback is to get together with some good friends or family just to do tasting. Have some coffee, milk or whatever and some cakes and frostings or whatever and take good notes. It is way fun!
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I also find myself anxiously waiting praise but I guess no news is good news. And a lot of people give praise at the time of pick up and fgure that is adequate.
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Originally Posted by cheatize

I've had to make the first cut on my last 4 cakes. I try to take it as a compliment but part of me wonders if perhaps there's something wrong with the taste? (They were for people who have had my cake before.)

you see, that's my worry too. They've all tasted my baking so I dont know if it's a case of "we may as well look at it because there's nothing special inside" or "ooooh its just too darn good to cut"
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well I dropped by my parent's house today and you'll never guess......cake still not cut! that's just bordering on the ridiculous. My sister was the only one there at the time and she said they were under instructions that my brother and his partner were the only ones allowed to cut it. So I rang my brother tonight and told him he'd need to cut it before it starts to grow legs and walk away.................

I need to practice my "Mom" voice then for the next time!
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ditto the above...
no news is good news!

It makes it even more special when someone emails with a fantastic thank you!! those emails make it all worthwhile!
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I'm with Indydebi - when I get compliments on something looking too good to cut I tell them "Well thank you, but too bad - cause you are cutting it!" lol
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