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Please let me know if you've received it...I got this error message twice...

Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 554 5.5.1 Error: no valid recipients


Line : 223
File : /home/cake/public_html/includes/smtp.php
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Hi flourpots,

I loved to receieve your tips. Can you mail them to me?

Hug, Anita
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I would also appreciate your tips too. thanks for sharing
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Is it to late for me too? Thank you so much, and you work awesome.
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Flourpots - I'm a huge fan of yours as well. I imagine you have tiny little fingers to sculpt such small, accurate pieces.

Is there a reason why you can't post your tips on this thread to cut down on all the PM'ing you're doing?

Otherwise, I would love to join the crowd and ask for your tips too. icon_wink.gif
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Nothing on me could ever be described as tiny, hahaha!

Here it is:
The recipe is posted under my photo "Diaper Bag Accessories" the comments

* I've used a few different brands of powdered sugar successfully...the only one I didn't like was Wal-Mart's Great Value label.

* I use the same fondant recipe for cakes and modeling...I flavor it for cakes, I don't for modeling.
(The flavors I usually use are vanilla, almond, and Magic Line's Creme Bouquet)

* A microwave is the best tool to have when working with this particular MMF recipe.

* I melt the MM's & Crisco for 30 seconds, shake the bowl from side to side, mic again for 25.
At this point, if you were to look in the bowl, the MM's really don't look melted, just a bit puffy...that's good.
Next, I stir well with a butter should melt together now.
I add flavorings here (if covering a cake).
Then I add all 5 cups of PS into the bowl (I never sift), stir for about a minute with the same butter knife, then put the bowl in my empty kitchen sink, hold it with one hand, and knead with the other.
(I've never made it on a tabletop, or counter...too messy!!)
I usually mic at the very end for 25 more seconds just to make it easier to incorporate the last of the PS. It starts to feel like it can't take anymore, but I like to get as much of the 5c. in there as possible.
Finally, I wrap it in Saran, not even bothering to coat it in any more Crisco.

* For modeling: Since there's no liquid (flavorings or water), the fondant really firms up when left to set. It will have to be microwaved, but NOT the entire blob...if you did heat the entire thing, it would just firm up again before you've had a chance to use it all.
I basically slice off pieces as I need them.
If I have to color, I slice off a piece, microwave that amount to make it really pliable and easy to blend.
I do this for all the different colors.
I try to prepare them all a day or two before I plan to model with them.

* The prepared/colored fondant will definitely have to be microwaved again to get any kind of smooth finish. But I only do that when I'm ready to make the final piece.
Before that, I work with the colored fondant UNmicrowaved, to create a rough example of what I'll be modeling, or sometimes I use other spare fondant if I have it.
I'm not experienced in sculpting at all, so I do have to take the extra time to figure it out.

* As far as the amount of tylose...I don't have an exact measurement...I go by feel. I sprinkle it right into the fondant in my palm. If the piece is tiny, I push it into the tylose jar, and whatever sticks to it, is the amount.

I add tylose right before I'm about to model something. The coloring, rough example, and final warming have all been done.
If I'm not happy with the modeled piece and have to do it over, it's easy..unlike gumpaste which dries much faster, tylose gives you time to re-knead and may even have to re-warm.

* When making a figure, especially a female...if you're nervous about painting the eye area with a tiny brush, you CAN use fondant. I did it on both of my pregnant women figures.

Basically, you roll tiny amounts of fondant (on parchment paper) using your pointer finger. From there, you cut the outer rim, lashes, and eyebrows.

It's a little tricky (especially the first time), you absolutely will drop and lose such tiny pieces, and it might be a challenge to position on the face...but the second time is much easier, and the best part is, it looks painted, even up-close.

Of course, disregard this if you feel comfortable painting.

Hope this helps...any other questions, please feel free to ask.
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If not too much trouble, I would love and welcome any tips you could offer. Your work is beautiful! Thank u much, Karen
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The tips are posted above.
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Hey, you mentioned using an extruder but I can't seem to get it to work, i use ready made fondant from the shop but it doesn't push through no matter how hard i try. Is it the fondant I am using do you think or am I doing it wrong?

(yay this is my first post!)
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What kind of extruder do you have?

If it's the push type one, I've never tried it, but no one who has seems to like it very much.

You could try kneading in shortening or microwaving your fondant before putting it in the barrel.

I like to microwave, roll into a snake, then coat lightly with Wilton glycerin.
(My recipe already has plenty of shortening)
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It is the push tye one, what other type is there? icon_smile.gif i'm kinda new to all of this!

And I did that(microwave and shortening) and it didn't really work but maybe I didn't do it right lol. But I will try the coating thing thanks icon_smile.gif xx
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A lady at Flickr posted lots of great pics that show the extruder I use:

There's no pushing, trying to force fondant out...instead, you turn the top and it comes out easily.
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your work is really great. please pm me tips as well many thanks
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Thank you...the tips are posted above.
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