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FlourPots, thanks so much for all the tips.  When you are making figures to top a cake, how far in advance do you have to make them so they dry and hold their shape when you assemble the cake?  I'm sure it depends on the size of the piece, just looking for a general guideline - 1 day, 3 days, a week...


Also, how do you know when you need to add structural elements like tooth picks or skewers?  I am nervous about making figures that fall apart, and don't have time for a dry run!  dunce.gif


Thank you for your help!

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I make mine weeks ahead of time. This way if I am not happy with the result, I have time to do another.  I am making a cake for my great-niece for Feb. 16 and I already have the figures done.

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PartyFlours'   I was reading the posts and saw you use MMF. My first thought was... how nice you were to have answered and shared your knowledge. My second thought was... she gets MMF to behave? icon_rolleyes.gif    I also read about how nice your work is. My next thought was... and it looks great!?hat1.gifThen I read all the posts from everyone asking for the recipe and your notes! cowboy.gif  THEN I had to get a look at this.... detective.gif  THEY R ALL CORRECT... thumbs_up.gif  Your work is amazing and you used MMF! party.gif

... (you know what I'm going say next right?)  icon_lol.gif       "ME TOO, ME TOO!!!"  PLEASE send me the recipe and tips!  icon_biggrin.gif

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I apologize SensationalCakesAnd More....
Someone PM'd me a question and I came here to copy-and-paste the link to pg 7...that's when I realized this thread had gone past the 8 pages I knew about...
Since the makeover to this site, I stopped receiving email notifications about thread activity.
To answer your questions...
I start making FINAL pieces a week before I need them...
Any earlier and they start to lose their shine and look dull to me.
Weeks before that though, I'm planning like crazy, searching Google images (even when it's familiar items), and in some cases experimenting with spare fondant (if I think something will be too challenging).
As far as structurally...
I like to use toothpicks, but I don't like to use a lot of them in one piece.
With both pregnant women for instance, I used a toothpick to attach their heads, but nowhere else.
I'm not totally opposed to it though...if a limb was not staying put, I would definitely use more...
In fact, for the cats that go with my yarn ball cake, literally one leg on the black cat would not attach...I finally used half a toothpick to secure it, but none of the rest needed any help.
Also, using edible glue to attach parts, instead of water, is much better for stability.
I prefer to make a new batch for each new project since I don't make cakes that often.
I use one of the small Wilton (coloring) containers, cleaned out.
It's the perfect size.
I mix 1 Tb. of warm water + a little less than 1/4 tsp. of tylose powder
I shake it, and let it dissolve overnight.
(It sounds like a tiny amount, but it's more than half of the Wilton jar, and more than enough for one project).
PattyCakes4U...Thanks for the great post...I love all the little emoticons, LOL!!!!!!
The tips are on pg.7 and the recipe is on pg. 8

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Thanks, FlourPots!  I have been the queen of procrastination so I'll be putting together three Pokemons to top a cake tomorrow for Sunday.  I'm debating whether or not to try to get them to do any standing on their own; more likely, I'll wrap Rayquaza (a snakey-dragon) around his Pokeball (sort of like an egg), sit up Deoxys against its Pokeball, and see if I can get Cobalion (looks kind of like a swedish horse) to stand on his four feet.  It'll be an interesting day, that's for sure!  I'll post it if I can figure out how... such a newbie icon_redface.gif

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Hi all, I'm a newbie in

I'm impressed with your work FlourPots, would you like to send me some tips too?

Appreciate your help, thanksss icon_smile.gif

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oh wow FLOURPOTS!! i've just seen your pics! AMAZZZZZING!!! This is what i'm looking for right now! plz plz plzzzz can you also PM me the modelling reciepe, would really appreciate it! xx

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Originally Posted by DeniseNH View Post

I agree. To get the gumpaste to meld together and stop forming cracks, microwave your lump of gumpaste for just 8 to 10 SECONDS, then with shortening on your hands, knead it warm from the microwave and you won't have a problem. There's also a homemade gumpaste out there that came with my Cake Silhouette program from Linda McClure that's different from any other gumpastes I've touched - more tylose powder and gelatin in it - it's more "rubbery" and won't crack. Another good one is Platinum Paste from England but it's wicked expensive. Linda's recipe mimics Platinum Paste. Hope this helps.

Is gumpaste and sugar paste the same thing? i need to make some upright standing models and am confused which one to use. Plz help xx

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Originally Posted by FlourPots View Post

Then I add all 5 cups of PS into the bowl (I never sift)

Hi there, may i ask what PS is please?

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Hi and Thanks so much!
The tips and recipe are on pages 7 & 8 of this very thread.
PS is powdered sugar...
Gumpaste and sugarpaste are not the same thing...
Sugarpaste is just another word for fondant...regular plain fondant that you could cover a cake with.
Gumpaste dries rock hard and is used in making flowers (since you can roll it really thin), and figures and things, but you would never try to cover a cake in it.
Many decorators mix fondant with gumpaste 50/50 because it's easier to work with than straight gumpaste.
This still would only be intended for sugar work.
You can make your own form of gumpaste by mixing fondant with tylose powder, which is what I prefer.
(SensationalCakesAndMore....would love to see your Pokemon figures!)

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Hi !


I follow your receipe and instructions to made this figures yesterday. I know I need to practice more to get perfect finish product but its my first time modeling and I'm veru happy. Thanks a lot for your tips


I made this figures following Flourpots receipe and instructions. Was my first time modeling and need to practice more buy I'm happy to tried. Thanks Flourpots for the tips

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WOW!! Those modeled pieces are simply incredible SensationalCakes...
Excellent details!
The entire cake is so neat and clean, I love it!
(LOL that link IS weirdly long)
daisyann...first time?! Wow...I would've never guessed that by looking at your pieces...they're so well done, every single one!
You did an amazing job!
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Thanks FlourPots!
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Hi do you have a recipe that you would share for making figures?  I want to use fondant but find it doesn't hold its shape as well as I would like.

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