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Originally Posted by FlourPots

I live in heat & humidity too, which I despise (whole other story)...

For me, using MMF + tylose + a microwave is the answer to cracking.

I honestly don't even notice the weather when I model something.
My fondant performs the same any time of the year.

(A member at Flickr posted pics of her pieces literally melting from the humidity...she was using gumpaste & fondant mixed...I've never had that happen either).

** great advice, I never would have thought of that until it was to late. just beginning my journey into modeling. Thanks!
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Hello flour pots.... Love love love ur figurines.. They are so tiny yet so perfect...cud u pls mail me some info too .
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The tips are posted on pg. 7 of this thread.

(Glad to help, penelope01930)
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Flourpots ..... just finished looking at your photo gallery. You are simply amazing. WOW!
wonderful .
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That's very nice of you to say...thank you very much!
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Hi Flourpots! can you also send me your tips for figures? I am really new to decorating and was up all night trying to make a little doll for the top of my cake. My husband was even helping me icon_smile.gif We need tips.
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They're posted on page 7 of this thread.
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I just saw them icon_smile.gif Thank you so much!! It's really nice of you to share them
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You're welcome...hope it helps icon_smile.gif
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I just started on Cakes Central and am working on my first figurines.  I have to agree with all the others - your work is wonderful and I would also like getting your tips...




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Hi and welcome to CC icon_smile.gif


They're posted on page 7 of this thread...

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Hi Flour Pots! I love your work but I was not able to find the recipe! Could you please share it? Thank you so much and congratulations on your work!

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Sure...and thanks for the nice comments regarding my cakes....


For modeling:

10.5oz KRAFT mini marshmallows (no substitutions)
1/2 cup Crisco
5 cups Powdered Sugar (Any brand but Wal-Mart's Great Value)

For cakes, add:

Flavorings of your choice (I usually use vanilla, almond, & Magic Line's creme bouquet)

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it is important to begin each shape with a seamless ballicon_smile.gif

john cresswell  ( )


john cresswell  ( )

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Thank you!!!!! I can't wait to try it!!!!

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