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True red fondant....

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I am making a red race car and have always had my red fondant come out more pink toned.
Is there a way to get a true red? Do I just have to use tons of food coloring?
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I have made a few things requiring a large amount of red fondant and I usually just buy two of the larger sized wilton red food coloring gel and mix it into the fondant. It is super messy and your hands will be pink for a few days, but mine has always come out really red. Just make sure you mix all your fondant and coloring at the same time so you don't have to try and mix an exact color if you run out. I usually have fondant left over that I store and then use as a base red for my next project.
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save yourself the headache and time and just buy the red!! I don't even try to color red or black I buy them!
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Also, I have seen that for bold colors like red and blue, people have used candy melts added to the fondant. So, color your fondant with red to get the color going, then mix up candy clay with red candy melts and knead it into your fondant. This is supposed to help the fondant take the color without changing the consistency, which happens a lot when you add lots of any color. Though I have colored with just gel coloring with good results, it just depends on the day.
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If you are going to buy the wilton red make sure it's the no taste red or else you will taste it. I also read that If you are making MMF that some people color theirs with red jello. Not sure of the process but Im sure you can look it up.
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Unless you're making your fondant and add it in the liquid stage, I wouldn't try and add it later.

I used Americolor super pink or something like that first and tinted it a bright pink and then I added quite a bit of Americolor red.

It's the first time I've ever tried to make red fondant and I was quite pleased with how easy it turned out. I have red where someone uses Americolor fuschia and (lemon??) yellow and then added red. That might make it less of a bright red.

It's the OSU cake in my photos.
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Buy the powder red, it works much better than gel. Just add a little bit to a small amount of water to make a paste. As little water as you can get away with.

The cake shop I buy from tells everyone this when you try and buy the red gel. I bought it anyway, and compared to the stuff I made with the red powder it doesn't compare.
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