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Temp for baking NFSC

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I'm baking on ungreased sheets at 350* and the cookies, so far, have taken about 20 minutes to just become brown on the bottom. Am I doing something wrong here? Should I turn the oven up a bit?

I live at sea-level if that makes any difference.

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I thought it was only me that was having this issue. mine took about 15 min for a batch of 20 cookies. However, last time I checked my actual oven temp with a thermometer, it was a bit less than what it shows on knob. so may be althought you think you are baking on 350, in reality it might be 325 degree or less.
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Thanks for your reply icon_smile.gif

I think it must be the sheet pan I'm using. It takes *forever* to bake them! I just did the next batch on a pan that has sides all the way around and the cookies baked much closer to the target time of 8-10mins set out in the recipe.

Weird. icon_confused.gif
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I bake mine for way longer than the recipe states. I bake at 335° and bake for about 15 minutes total.
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Mine take the 8-10 minutes at 350. I did experiment once and my air bake sheets with no sides does take longer to bake cookies and the sheet stays hot longer than the sheets with sides.
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I just made a few batches of the NFSC today on a flat ungreased sheet. I baked a couple batches at first on 350 and it took about 10 min. to get lightly brown on the bottom. The last few batches I turned on the convection and baked them at same temp. for 6 min. and they were perfectly browned.
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