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Omg, congratulation Phyllis---600 cookiessss???? yikessss!!! for my granddaughter's christening I made 160 cookies and I was dying LOL!! icon_biggrin.gif

They are beatiful and such a great idea!! I love the cookies, the flowers, the boxes everything!! thumbs_up.gif
"Life is cake!"
"Life is cake!"
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Rosie2 -

Yup, 625 cookies for 200 favors. I don't think I'll ever eat another sugar cookie again! Between all the taste testing and then the actual baking, I've had enough.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments.

Apti - in your favorites!?! Wow, thank you.
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I also looked at your photos and thought the picture was of a cake. I went back and looked again after reading someone else's comment. What a great job you did. The cookies and the way they look in boxes are wonderful!
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Originally Posted by Phyllis52

Thank you so much for your nice comments.

The boxes are 3x3 - I didn't get them at papermart, I don't remember who, but I can find out if you are interested.

Phyllis, I would be very interested in the boxes. If you are able to find a paper trail and tell us where and how much it would be greatly appreciated. Since I am a hobby baker, it is really hard to buy nice, attractive packaging without buying a quantity of 100-1000 or paying a large sum for smaller quantities. I'd actually PM'd another CC'r who had a gorgeous clear, acrylic box like yours for a 3" round stacked cake that ended up being about 6" tall with bow. Her's had an already cut to size gold-grease proof cake board. She actually owns a full-blown bakeryand probably buys in bulk. I have never received a reply.
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These are so adorable!! Stacked cookies? Really? Will you share how many cookies you stacked and were each one covered in the fondant or fondant on top draped over cookies. I am so corn-fused. Anyway they are cool!!!! What a great idea!
In my next life I wanna be a pastry chef.
In my next life I wanna be a pastry chef.
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I will try to find out where I bought the boxes(but I did buy 200 of them) - it was over a year ago when I decided to do these. I will get back to you on this.

Oops, I forgot to answer the question on how high the cookies were before. I cut them 3/8" using my Dobord - thank goodness for that thing.
And I used 3 cookies per favor. It was too much trouble making smaller cookies and baking more, so this seemed perfect.

I cut out the fondant before hand, then put it on the cookie as it came out of the oven. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the compliments.
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Apti -

I bought the boxes at

Google 3 x 3 clear boxes and go to efavormart

They only sell them by 100's for approx. $30.00 per hundred.

Hope that helps you.
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Thanks Phyllis. I'll give that site a look-see.
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Phyllis that site was fantastic! In all my searches, I never came across it before, Thanks for posting it! icon_lol.gif
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Phyllis...I absolutely love your mini wedding cakes...they're in my favorites also.

I know the 3/8" refers to the thickness of each cookie, right? So I was wondering the size of the 3 circle cutters you used for the diameter?
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awesome cookies! I'm interested in the size of the cookie cutters you used, too!
Also, did you use the impression mat on the fondant before or after you put them on the cookies? And did you dust them with luster dust?

Thanks! Maria
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sorry, messed up the message.
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Maria K38, here's a link to Autumn Carpenter's page of tutorials. She'll show you how to use an impression mat for cookie with fondant and luster dust.
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Thanks again all!

I will get back to you with the cookie cutter sizes as soon as I get home (I'm at work). Yup, the 3/8" was height of cookie.

What I did was roll out fondant, then roll impression mat over it, cut out my sizes and dust with luster dust.

Glad everyone likes them.
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