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How do I make a direct donation??

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I see that people have donated money directly and I'm wondering how to do that?!
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..just a guess but I think you can click on the link and make your donation right there!
Whatever you do, do with all your heart!
Whatever you do, do with all your heart!
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when you donate to the redcross I beleive you have to indicate that it is for the natural disaster that is what I have heard on the news. I know that the celebrities are planning another fundraiser like they did for the tsunomi(can't spell) that may be a good time to donate.
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See this post..

You make a donation on your own to the red cross, pm jackie... and she will add it to the total icon_smile.gif
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On the Red Cross website click make a donation online and then it gives you choices on what you would like to make it to. The top one states 2005 Hurricane Relief.
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Or donate on CC sorry I missed that topic! Great idea I like how you can do both purchase or directly donate Thanks we need all the help down here we can get I know in Baton Rouge the shelters are filled to the max! Our schools are opening doors for the kids to get them back to get them some sort of normalcy, My heart breaks for them. My brother and his family was able to make it out of harms way they live in Laplace, he works for the New orleans airport They have not been able to get back to there home to see what damage may have been done, Hopefully they are one of the lucky ones As for my brother and his wife you can only imagine the stress they are under regarding not knowing their job situations.
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If you want your direct donation included in the running total on this site, I copied and pasted Jackie's response from the Announcement section.
Here it is:
I just wanted to let everyone know that I added a new note to Heath's original post, I'll copy it here for your convenience:

Jackie wrote:
If any of the CakCentral members have made a direct donation to the Red Cross, feel free to Private Message Jackie and she can add your amount to the "Direct Donations" running total. It is not necessary for you to let us know, its simply a neat way for our community to share its generousness and helpfulness with each other.
Every donation counts, wether its $1, or $100.
We will not be keeping any records of who gave what.... we are only keeping a running total.

Look at it this way, if every single CakeCentral member gave just $1 the CC community would be donating over $12,000.00 as a whole, not including any sales from the store.
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thanks...I think this is a great idea!
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Good idea Squirrelly I donated to the red cross and just sent a copy of it to Jackie.. I hope all the other Canadians will do the same.. Every bit helps. icon_smile.gif
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Meme, I am sorry your family is experiencing all of this hardship, I cannot even imagine what it must be like! Hope you all hang in there and know that you are loved and cared about and though we don't know your pain we certainly feel for you all! God bless you all!
Well, I am glad my fellow Canucks are getting involved! We have the best border neighbours in the world, they need our help!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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